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UC500 from .NET?

I need to connect to my UC540 and get data... Things like recent user activity, line status, etc... (Not via CDR files... hopefully via the same way that the phone gets its call history list?)

It would also be great if I could send commands to the phone for dialing, transfers, etc... though I think I'd have to use the TSP for that...

I have looked at some of the XML API documentation, and I really don't see any useful information in the examples..

Has anyone attempted to make a connection from a custom app? Better yet, from .NET?

How can I do this?

Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee

Dear Sir;

I suggest you use TSP for that. is there anything you would like to have/see that TSP does not offer?


Hi Alberto

Thanks for your reply

I'm not sure if TSP will give me the info I'm looking for or not, but I'd love to try it... I cannot seem to find a 64 bit TSP though

Where can I get the latest TSP?

Hi Andrew:

The x64-bit CME TSP is in development/test. We plan to make it available for download in the June/July timeframe. This will be required for all x64 bit Windows OSs. If you have a x32 bit Windows you can use the existing CME TSP.


Hi shtalukd

Thanks for the response

I'm shocked that a company as big as Cisco would be so far behind... I guess I'll just have to wait

Hi shtalukd

Just wondering if you have any additional updates re: 64bit CME TSP. Tomorrow is June 1st - Any new release date estimates?

Has anyone heard anything about the 64-bit TSP / CallConnector?

Seriously Cisco, this is embarassing for you and your partners


Hi Andrew:

The release date for the x64-bit TSP is tentatively August. We are providing beta version. If you are interested, please send me your request via



Hi Shahryar,shtalukd

I write a mail to but i get a error message back that mailbox is full

I'am interested in  the beta version x64-bit TSP.
They  already know when the final will be on time?

Hi Alberto

I now have the 64-bit TSP and I'm using it successfully for my Unified CallConnector software, which is great.

The next thing I want to do is get back to my original question, which is how to use the TSP/TAPI for a custom application. Currently, I'm able to use the Windows tapi32 library from .NET (with the Cisco TAPI driver installed), but it is extremely limited in available functions... I'm effectively only able to place a call.

I found this: and now I'm wondering how the heck I use it... Where is the library that I need to wrap in my managed code to gain access to these C functions?

Hi Guys,

here is the Cisco Unified CallManager Express Telephony Service Provider Plugin for Windows x64.


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