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UC500 Keeps loosing programming

Not sure what is going on here, but I have noticed on

e of our 520's keeps loosing programming.  Here is what has been happenin

g.  Paging group keeps loosing extensions either all get lost from p

rogramming or some just disapear.  Also Have had personal voicemail b

oxes just disapear also.  We have also had phones di

sapear also.  These are thr

ee issues I have seen in the past couple weeks.  Any thoughts on why the 520 just looses it programming



How are you saving the config? Are you hitting the save button in CCA?

That is valid question.  And yes everytime a change is made.  Also we are saving

when we exit CCA.  One question I am wondering does CCA Cache p

rogramming for faster future logins?

Also, Came in thursday morning before Christmas ans All paging members were gone from the paging group.  Also, noticed our music on hold file went back to the default. 

With some of the previous versions of CCA, I have seen where you make one change, and other settings are changed that should not be.  I have not seen things just totally disappear without some changes being made though.  The new version of CCA (3.0) may address your issues.  They changed the save process when making changes to the phones.  It saves to just that phone, and not all phones.  I would suggest that you try using CCA 3.0 to see if that resolves your issues.  (Not all of the new features of CCA 3.0 will work correctly unless you upgrade to the latest software pack also.  (8.1.0))

Well another interesting issue this morning.

We had had updated our Raleigh location last week to 8.1 before the new year.  Cam in this morning and no one employee could get into voicemail.  Any DID calls will reroute to recep.  So I reloaded CUE and the issue seemed to go away.  So I am not sure if 8.1/CCA3.0 is the answer.

On thursday Our Winston Site had two phones that just stopped working as if they would not see the UC520.  The only option I had was to Compltely delette the phones and re-add them.  This location is still running the previous software pack.

On a side note our other two sites running UC540's we have not had any issues that I am aware of at this time.


my understanding is that 8.1 has been pulld back from the UC520 platform.  We are experiencing the same thing in our office.  We have a UC520 and it keeps losing it's programming as well.  We are going to revert back to a previous version o

f software.  Our issues started with the VPN causing it to crash.  My engineer spent some time with TAC and they stated 8.1 is bad.

Here is the information from the CISCO TAC:

Thank you for your response. As we discussed over the phone, IOS 15.0.1Xa
has been pulled back from the UC520 platform.

Below you'll find the link to the current IOS images available for the UC520
and UC540:

UC520 IOS download.

UC540 IOS download.

For further details, below you'll find the devices supported for CME 8.0:

Cisco Unified CME 8.0 Supported Firmware, Platforms, Memory, and Voice

These documents have been updated recently so bundle packages with IOS 15.0
can still be found for the UC520.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Danny Alvarez
Multiservice Voice Team
Cisco TAC Support Engineer
(407) 241-2965 ext 4881

We may be suffering from some confusion with regard to SWP.

The SW pack 8.1.0 that came out before XMAS is NOT bad and was not recalled..  In it is IOS 15.1(2)T2 just to be clear.

I think the TAC Engineer is referring to the corrupted SWP 8.0.4 that we did struggle with since it got corrupted during posting.

Just wanted to clarify that..

I am not sure which software pack is being referenced to here.

I would like to comment on the versions listed though.  IOS 15.0(1)Xa was the IOS released with software pack 8.0.0.

There may be some confusion here between the following two software packs.  (8.0.0 vs 8.1.0) - 8.1.0 is the latest software pack, which includes IOS 15.1(2)T2.  I have not heard of the new software pack being pulled back, but they may be recommending you upgrade to a more recent version if you are still running 15.0(1)Xa.  I do not support the UC520 directly, so you may want to confirm this information with TAC.

Thank you,


Well shouldn't SWP 8.1 have the latest and greatest IO

Yes sir, it does. SWP8.1.0 has the IOS I indicated.

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