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UC500 Will not give PC IP address

Working on UC520w My Demo box.  Pulled it out of storage in prep of a demo.  Well ofcourse it decides to be a pain from beginning.  I have tried three different laptops and the UC simply will not give an IP from DHCP.  The only way I can communicate with it is assigned static ip on laptop.  2nd problem.  UC will not allow me to do factory reset through CCA.  keeps giving me a Vlan error for my static IP address.  Tried on another laptop through CCA and also times out with vlan error message.  So then I tried default through CLI just so I can get back to factory and start a new.  CLI seemed to work until still needing to assign Static IP to laptop.  Seems like a Vlan issue.

I should also mention I tried to TFTP an old config from PC.  Well TFTP server times out also and eventually fails.

David Trad
Rising star

Hi There,

Firstly I would suggest you download the latest SWP for the UC-520.

Secondly extract the SWP and in there you will see various default configuration files, make sure you choose the right one for your UC-520 this is quite critical that you do.

Thirdly, if you are having troubles communicating to it, then I would suggest you manually copy over the default file (It is a .cfg file) to the Compact Flash Card by using a card reader and and copying it that way (I always had one in my bag with me, you just never new when you would have to resort to this method).

Get your system back to factory defaults, then use CCA to upgrade it or get it to the latest setup, then use the Telephony setup wizard and set things up for your demonstration.

On teh other hand, Cisco did at one stage and may still do it, provide you with a Demonstration Software Pack, if these are still available I would highly encourage you to consider using one of them as they work quite well for doing demo's, you just have to work out how they work before you do the demo, so make sure you get plenty of play time.



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