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UC500 with 7945G


I am trying to find out if anyone has had any luck registering a 7945G via SSL VPN to a UC500? I read that there is no official support on this, but I am curious if anyone had any luck getting it to work via the CLI? As we all know the 7945 has a lot more curb appeal then the 525G2 I am really surprised Cisco has yet to officially support this yet.


If not I was wondering if any of you have had luck setting up a remote phone to the UC using another method? I.E router via VPN from home or a third party hardware/software device that can extend VPN services to remote phone.without being too bulky/costly. Reason I am avoiding the 525G2 is because it is not an octoline phone and I have a bunch of 7945 series phones not in use right now.





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