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Barry Hunsinger

uc520 and auto attendant

I am trying to go back to live answer during business hours and auto attendant when we are closed.  I tried it yesterday and the incoming calls were going to a call blast group just fine. at the designated time(4:00pm est) I had the calls go to night service which then forwards the call the the aa. The autoattendant would not accept dtmf codes. I changed the calls to go directly to the aa until i get it right. How can I turn the aa on and off at designated times?


Toggle Nighe ervice on and off manually.

Configured with CCA here:

Barry Hunsinger

I tried that, again. It didn't work right. I want to have incoming calls during open hours to go call blast group1 without the aa answering at all. then at 4:00pm I want the incoming calls to go to the aa. There is no one here at night that needs night service. It worked when I originally configured the system with cca 1.9. I can't use cca 2.2 because it overwrites some customization done by tac. Why can't the aa follow the system schedule and be allowed to not answer during open hours then kick in when the business is closed?

The system time of the AA is not used for call routing by the UC500 call control.

To setup flexible ringing to phones during day and AA at night, use the night feature with call-forward night-service.

Setup a spare virtual Ephone-DN, add night service bell, and then add call-forward night-service on this DN to the AA DN.

Then for phones who need to turn on/off night service add this DN to that phone, you can do as an overlay to prevent calls on it.

As the DN is forward to AA, it will never ring the phones.

You can also use the night-service time of day, day of week commands for auto switch from hunt group to AA.

For this config, as you want to use CLI, let the CME Command reference guide be your friend,

Ron Lewis



Ron do you have an example? Can this be done using CCA 2.2.1?

I forgot to update you guys, thank you for your input. I created two virtual ephone-dn's, setup night service on a few extensions with night service bell. Forwarded the incoming sip phone numbers to the virtual extension (which I made octo-lines) and which in turn forwarded to the aa after hours. So, during open hours the call went to a call-blast group and during closed hours it forwards to the aa. it changes automatically based on open/closed hours.


Thank you for the update! I am still getting up to speed using the CLI to configure voice features on the UC500. Would it be possible to post snippets of the relevant parts of the config?

Thank you both again for your help.

We are not allow to post snipets of CLI  to use, which is why I gave you URL to the docs instead.

Sounds like you have it working, which means you got the CLI right...

With CLI, a few different ways to do some features, so not always a right way, as long as the feature does what you need, you got it right.

CCA does not support this feature today, we hope to add in a future release.
You should know that CLI is not Small Business Support Center supported today.

Also, check out the CCA Out of Band Support doc, very helpful;

I will advise, that the UC500/CME admin guide and Command Reference are your friends when it comes to CLI outside CCA Config.

If you want to learn more about CLI, the UC Express Partner Specialization has roadmap of training recommendation.
You can also find good resources to learn CLI within the Partner Elearning Connection, under partner central from main site.

Ron Lewis


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