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UC520 not able to reach internet



i have a UC520 connected to cisco1841 router. the UC is on the same subnet as all my servers and computers. while all computers and seervers are able to access internet, the UC is not able to. trace-routing the ping i found its reaching the router then leaving it but hops on two or three ISP routers' IPs then get lost. i noticed then the same thing happens whin i ping from the router itself !!

note: the real IP of the router is reachable and can be telneted from outside.

note: is the internal IP of the router and the degault gatway of the UC

can anyone direct me on what could be the issue and how to fix it. is it a UC520 or the router problem.


Thanks and best regards.


Yasien Adams


Firstly, if your router is exhibiting the same problem, then thats where you need to start troubleshooting.

The UC at this point, is not a problem. ( I dont think)

What is the default route of the 1841?

Thanks for the reply.

the ip route for all networks addresses is Dialer1 which has autonegotiate configuration

while FE0/1.11 has the real IP configuration & FE0/1.50 is the UC GW and has a local ip address.

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