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UC520 - phone loads fail during software pack upgrade

I have tried upgrading an 8 user system from 8.1.0 to the 8.3 beta software and to 8.2.0 and it fails during the phone load process. I have tried 3.0 .. 66 of cca, 3.1.1, and 3.2 versions of CCA, and from two different laptops. I am not sure where to go from here, except if its the flash card. I could try a new flash card but am unsure of the process to get it replaced and then new software / config put on it. I dont need to save the config I am trying to do a factory reset for a fresh install. The ftp access is working as it successfully formated the flash and uploaded the ios image.

Please give me some ideas if you have any.

Thomas Gruendler

The only thing I can think of is make sure you do not select all of the phone loads as those uc520's I am pretty sure do not have enough space to hold them all and that could be causing the fail.

CCA requires at least 1 phone load to proceed. I downloaded the log file and it said it lost tftp access but I am not sure if it was because of a factory default within the upgrade process or it never had it. As far as I know CCA wont connect at all if there is any tftp server running at all and I was able to at least start the process..

I am trying it on a Windows XP machine now.

I just tried it with a Windows XP machine adn CCA 3.2 and it failed.

Hi Johnny,

Mate can I get you to try a couple of things please

  1. On the Windows XP machine make sure there is no AV or Firewall turned on, turn it all off
  2. Disconnect the UC from any existing networks and make sure it is stand alone if it is not already
  3. Make sure your Laptop/PC has no TFTP or FTP software operational on it at all, or if it does turn the services of not just shut down the application as the service may still run in the background
  4. Connect the PC/Laptop directly to the UC and not through any switches at all, and plug it into FE/7 (Or port number 8) on the UC
  5. Shut down the Laptop/PC and do a full reboot
  6. Load CCA up delete any existing communities you have on it for that UC and start a new one from scratch
  7. Let CCA Log into the UC, however walk away go and make a coffee for about 5-7 minutes and let CCA fully load up so it can complete its entire topology inspection and CUE inspection <<< This one taking the longest
  8. Begin the upgrade process, making sure that the system is not set to go into any form of sleep mode
  9. Being sure to click the show more detail and then if it fails this time round, taking a screen shot of the point where it fails

NOTE: Only install the phone loads you need, if it is the 128MB CF card then you may still continue to have issue and you then should go and get a 256MB Transcend or Lexar and copy over the contents from the Cisco one to it using a CF card reader.

Let us know how you go



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Thanks for the answers and yes I have followed the standard CCA documentation. I have already successfully updated a different UC5XX with 8.2 so I dont think that laptop has any problems with CCA and access to the router.

As far as space on the card it might be the issue but its the same card on any other UC5XX and CCA formats the flash before starting the install anyway leaving an empty card.

Failure point? During the phone load in the software pack upgrade.

At this point I suspect the flash card may have a problem or CCA is not re-formating the flash even though it said it did so successfully

The problem seemed to be, based on the cca log window, that when doing the software upgrade it has uses a hard coded IP of and even though  its current address was It was able to successfully ftp the ios image to the router but when it came time of phone loads it changed to tftp and the destination address was so it failed. As the factory default step is at the end of the software upgrade process, the ip was still

It would be nice if that address had not been hard-coded and took into account the changed address (like when you have an external firewall).

To solve it I changed the IP, added NAT, connected with CCA, did the upgrade.

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