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UC520 upgrade question


I have a UC520 that needs to be upgraded.  It's running an older version of software -

IOS version - 12.4(11)XW9

CME - 4.2(0)

CUE - 3.2.1

I'd like to put the latest software on this hardware - 8.2.0

What is the best way to do this?  I understand it's many versions behind and sometimes, going straight to the latest version can cause problems.  Will this be safe to do so using CCA? or do I need to install any versions in between before going to 8.2.0?  Does anyone see any potential issues?

Thank you!




You biggest problem will probably be the backup process if you go the CCA route.  CCA does not backup any CLI that was done outside of the GUI.  If you want to stay CCA compliant you would have to reconfigure the system using the newest version of CCA.  If not your best bet would probably be to backup the running config and CUE via cli and do the upgrade through CLI.

You may be right.  Since this was an early installation (back in the days when CCA was nowhere near where it is now), I relied heavily on CLI for most of the configurations.  Mixing CLI and CCA is never a good idea..

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