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UC540 - AA and VoiceMaill stop working once SIP Trunk is configured


Please help,

I have UC540 and as soon as I configure a SIP trunk, my AA and Voicemail are no longer reachable (internally or externally - I get busy signal) but internal and external phone calls work perfectly both directions.

-I ran debugs and the dial-peers are matching appropriately. 

-The "show dial-peer voice sum" command is identical before and after I configure the SIP trunk.

-Debug voice ccapi is the same as well

-If I remove the SIP trunk configuration, AA and Voicemail are perfectly reachable once again.

-Running IPS 15.0(1)XA3a and CCA 2.2.5

-Running diagnostics on CUE, everything checks out

Any help is MUCH appreciated!

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I guess the subject line should read "Fast Busy when dialing AA and VoiceMail after configuring SIP Trunk"

I believe that if I upgrade the CUE image, it may resolve the problem, but I can't seem to upgrade to CUE 8.0.2 with CCA 2.2.5... see attached image.  I tried unzipping and everything... but why won't it support 8.0.2?  The current CUE version is 7.0.3.

OK...  Got it all working.  If you follow the "proper" instructions and restore the unit to factory defaults while upgrading the all software at once, everything works.  Originally, I just upgraded the IOS, then tried to upgrade CUE... doesn't work.

Hope this helps anyone else out there.

Faris Hamdan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Jan,

I think that problem may be related to the SIP signalling and media Binding,

to confirm that can you attach/send the following debugs for a internal call to the CUE:

debug voip ccapi inout

debug ccsip all

and a "show tech" while facing the problem.

do this in after business hours.



Hi Faris... thanks for the reply... I actually wrote my other note before seeing your post.  It was just the matter of installing the software properly from the beginning, something I omitted to do.  But thank you!

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