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UC540: AA quirks discovered

Here's something I learnt today that I thought I would share.

I have a UC540W with the UK english language pack installed running SW 12.1(2)T4.

I was struggling to have the customer record and set a AA prompt for the night service message and with the help of the SBSC learnt the following things:

  1. Contrary to the CCA help page, new prompts recorded using the Record using Phone option are saved by default as AltGreeting.wav.
  2. The AA Menu prompt drop down menu for selecting the prompt is limited to 6 choices from the Prompt management tab.
  3. The AA Menu promp drop down menu will only show you the prompts recorded as the same language setting on the AA page.
  4. The AA prompt will only play a prompt that is when recorded is set the same as the system language setting.
  5. When a Prompt Administrator records the prompt using the prompt recording extension they get an option to save it as a particular language. The US English option is simply stated as being English.

I hope this helps someone else.