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UC540 and 7960G phones with sip firmware

We've purchased CISCO phones 7960 with SIP firmware to work with Asterisk PBX. Later we decided not to use Asteriks and purchased CISCO UC 540 instead.

But it turned out that the phones cannot register at CISCO UC 504. What can be done in this situation? Can we make CISCO UC to work with our phones?

Do we need to upgrade the firmware on the phones? If so are there any detailed instructions on how it can be done.

Thank you!


UC540 will work with these phones using SCCP protocol.  Its all already built in UC540 ready to serve

You may have to factory reset the phones.

unplug the POE and hold down the # while plugging it back in.

Then when the button lamps start flashing amber:

3491672850*#  <-- will reset it

If that dont work, do it again, this time:


Let us know.

Thank you for your response, but I cannot get to the amber lights.After I unplug it and plug with the # pressed, it boots up as it usually does - first earphones button lights green for several seconds and then the mute button goes red (the same is happenning to all our 4 phoes). What might I do wrong?

info from Firmware version menu (maybe it helps):

Application Load ID: P0S3-06-3-00

Boot Load ID: PC030301

DSP Load ID: PS03AT38

Try holding till buttons go amber.

Steve DiStefano

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Cisco Systems

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North Carolina, U.S.A


On Jul 30, 2010, at 12:54 PM, "izhiltsov"

Hi Steven and All,

No, that "procedure" just doesn't work. Watched the youtube vids, read all the forum posts.These handsets just don't behave that way. If I hold down the "#" key at boot, it just boots normally and comes up with the Cisco Logo and "Configuring VLANS" and "Requesting Configuration" at the bottom

Is there another "secret" reboot method for this firmware version?

Call support. I don't have other tricks. So sorry.

Steve DiStefano

Technology Solutions Architect - Sales

Cisco Systems

Research Triangle Park

North Carolina, U.S.A


On Jul 30, 2010, at 1:50 PM, "izhiltsov"

John Platts

I do know one thing you can do to get these phones working in the UC540. Here is what you should try:

  1. Be sure that you have the 8.0.2 or later software pack loaded on your UC540.
  2. Telnet into the UC540.
  3. Be sure that the phone loads for the 7940G and 7960G phones are in your UC540 flash memory. The files that should be present are phones/7940_7960/P00308010200.bin, phones/7940_7960/P00308010200.loads, phones/7940_7960/P00308010200.sb2, and phones/7940_7960/P00308010200.sbn.
  4. Be sure that these lines are in your UC540 configuration:
    tftp-server flash:/phones/7940_7960/P00308010200.bin alias P00308010200.bin
    tftp-server flash:/phones/7940_7960/P00308010200.loads alias P00308010200.loads
    tftp-server flash:/phones/7940_7960/P00308010200.sb2 alias P00308010200.sb2
    tftp-server flash:/phones/7940_7960/P00308010200.sbn alias P00308010200.sbn
  5. In the telephony-service section of your UC540 configuration, be sure that the following line is present:
    load 7960-7940 P00308010200
  6. Do the following on your UC540:
    UC540#conf t
    UC540(config-telephony)#no create cnf-files
    UC540(config-telephony)#create cnf-files
  7. Be sure to do a factory reset of your 7960 phones, and be sure to reset your network settings.
  8. Press the Settings button on your 7960 phone. Be sure to select Network Configuration. The IP address should be in your Voice VLAN subnet, the subnet mask should be, and the TFTP Server 1 and Default Router 1 IP addresses should be the UC540 Voice VLAN IP address.
  9. The 7960 phones should now be grabbing updated SCCP firmware from the UC540.

Thank you for the detailed response, but it looks like my knowledge is not enough to go through the whole process. As far as I understand phoneload is already on the flash card, but the phones still don't grab  sccp firmware.

The easiest way to convert the firmware from SIP to SCCP registering the phone a CUCM, if you have one, and then in CUCM specify that you want to change it to SCCP. If you don't have CUCM, you can try the instructions in this doc-

Cisco 7940 and 7960 IP Phones Firmware Upgrade Matrix

It's a very manual process where the directions differ depending what base SIP firmware you have.

Anthony Yeung
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Thank you guys for your attempt to help, but I still cannot get the system setup.

Would you be able to recommend me specialist who would come to our office and set up the CISCO UC540 or do it remotely. We are in Los Altos, CA (94022).

Here is a resolution to your problem to get your 7960 with SIP firmware operating with the UC540.

I inheirited some 7940 phones (same class phone) which had SIP firmware from an Astrick server and I am going to attach them to a UC540.  As you found, none of those resets work when the phone is running the SIP firmware.

The resolution is based on this article:

Here is what you can do:

When the phones come up they obtain an address and TFTP server address from the UC540.  It then looks on the UC540 TFTP server for a file called OS79XX.TXT which tells the phone which firmware to load.  That file isn't included by default on the UC5XX flash.  To operate with the UC540 it needs to have the SCCP (Skinny) firmware.  Fortunately the UC540 flash comes with all SCCP binaries for all the phones.  You can see them from the console via 'show flash'.

To get the phone to load its SCCP binary, create a file called OS79XX.TXT with just the text P00308001000.  This is the name of the binary in the UC540 flash for the 7940_7960 phones without the .bin suffix.

Put the file on a TFTP server running on your PC, Mac or Linux machine.  You can get one by searching for free ones.  Once on your TFTP server, bring the file into the UC540 flash with these CLI commands from the console.



copy tftp flash




You now set up the UC540's TFTP sever to serve this file with these commands.

config t

tftp-server flash:OS79XX.TXT

If you want this to be saved permanently in the UC540 config, enter these commands:



You can see the file in the UC540 flash.

show flash

Now reboot your phone and when it requests the file from the UC540 TFTP server it will be returned and then use its contents to come back to the UC540 TFTP server to get its firmware.  The phone will be downloaded with the SCCP binary and come up looking like a normal Cisco IP phone.  All your other phones when attached will be downloaded with the SCCP firmware.