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UC540 Call Forwarding External Number to an External Number

Hey Everyone,


I currently need some help from everyone regarding a UC540.


I am trying to get call forwarding working for external numbers to external numbers. For example, when no one is in the office an external phone call comes in it will get forwarded to someone's cellular device or at night all external incoming calls will get forwarded to an answering service.


I tried a few different things trying to get this working here are the scenarios.

If I call an internal extension that is set to forward the call to an external number from another internal extension the redirection happens correctly. 


If I call an external number and try to forward the call to another external extension the redirection is not occurring. Instead, the phone call is looped and keeps calling the original number.


If an incoming call is not picked up it's supposed to go to our answering system but that's not happening, but instead what is happening is the incoming call just keep looping our call blast groups extension.


I tested many different forward methods (directly on the phone, on the uc 540 (extension), other extension types): to forward external number to another external number, but i just get the same result.


Some of the things I want to get working is:

-Phones are supposed to forward to our answering service after 3 rings if no one picks up. 
- We are supposed to be able to manually forward the phones to any other # such as a cell phone if no one is in the office and I leave for lunch for example.
- Phones are supposed to automatically forward to our answering service at 5 pm.


We have a SIP provider and the UC540 and nothing else.


Please assist.