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UC540 - Call Reports


I have a customer who has a UC540 and would like to get a list of incomming and outgoing calls.  Is that possible?


Jibu Mathews

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Re: UC540 - Call Reports

Hello Jibu,

This is possible indeed. Does your customer use OfficeManager1.2? Or the web interface?

You can see that call history in OfficeManager1.2 I believe. Besides that you can user the web interface (http:///ccme.html) and go to call history or call logging. You can also do a "show call history voice" via CLI.

The following output is what I get via web interface (I replaced the last 4 digits with xxxx for privacy reasons):

4             16:20:11 UTC Sun Jan 9 2011       003164368xxxx 200         00:00:28

5             16:20:17 UTC Sun Jan 9 2011       206                                        200         00:00:25

6             16:20:17 UTC Sun Jan 9 2011       003164368xxxx 200         00:00:25

7             16:20:11 UTC Sun Jan 9 2011       200                                        206         00:00:03

8             16:20:11 UTC Sun Jan 9 2011       003164368xxxx 206         00:00:28

9             16:20:17 UTC Sun Jan 9 2011       003164368xxxx 206         00:00:25

10           16:20:26 UTC Sun Jan 9 2011       201                                        202         00:00:09

To increase the total amount of history stored you can use the following commands via CLI:

#conf t
#dial-control-mib retain-timer 35791

#dial-control-mib max-size 500

Be aware that Cisco does NOT support CLI usage.




Re: UC540 - Call Reports

Depends how in depth you want the reporting, you may want to consider a certified 3rd party call logging and accounting from the Cisco partner site: Accounting and Billing&certified=Yes&onCiscoPriceList=All&portfolio...

Currently two are listed, one being us Tri-Line.

Our TIM Plus and Enterprise call logging and accounting software automatically configures the directory based on your existing Cisco configuration.

Free trials available and unlimited display boards and web users included free of charge. Visit our microsite for more information

Video of TIM Plus bulk loading users in real time with a UC540:

Screen shot of TIM Plus:

One of the many reports available:

Video covering reports can be seen here