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UC540 Configure Blast Group forward from an IP Phone



I have configured one blast group for all (7) employees which is linked to the companies main phone number.

I have configured Night Service schedule to forward calls to an external mobile number. Unfortunately this number can only be configured using CCA or CLI.

But if for some reason everyone will be out of the office, they want to be able to forward all incoming calls directly to an external number that they decide at that moment. So this number can be different than the one configured in Night Service.

How would they be able to forward an incoming call on the blast group to an external number, using one of the IP Phones to define the external number?

Should I use something else instead of Blast Group to achieve this?

Although I think this is a basic function on most PBX's, I couldn't find any solution to do this on the UC500.

I am mostly using CCA to do everything but I have no problem using CLI. I am CCNA but voice is still a bit chinese for me at this moment.

Any advice is much appreciated.



You can forward to an internal extension rather than external (either a physical phone or a floating extension) and use the phone itself for forwarding or get them to use the CCME web interface.

Just use CfwdAll on the extension to the external number, then the customer can forward to any number they desire really easily.  (note you can use 2nd button on a phone assigned to this if you're short on phones)

Just to make sure, in your first sentence, you are talking about forwarding the nightservice to internal extension right?

Sounds like a logical solution and I will give it a try.

Thank you!


exactly that, yes.

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David Trad
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Hi Johnny,

What you are after is actually a typical scenario that I do, because 9 times out of 10 the client always wants to change this method after the system has been configured, so I just made it a default setup on every setup.

A couple of methods to achieve this:

  1. Assign a Button on all the phones that will be allowed to set the destination, press this button and then press the CFWD-All softkey and set the explicit rule on this phone, this is typically a floating extension and the Night Service can be set to direct calls to this extension number
  2. Second method is to set the reception phone up as the final destination, and then have the receptionist set the forwarding number... This is only practical though in environment where the receptionist is the office controller and is in charge of applying this call routing

There are other methods, actually about 4 more that I can think of, but they can get complex to create, but may provide easier management of them.

The above two are the most common that I am aware of and they work quite well with Night Service, there is a third one that I use as well and got that one from the UC-320 which it turns out that method also works on the UC-500, but I haven't included that one as it is a little hard to explain it but is actually quite easy to setup



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Hi David,

Thank you for your reply,

could you explain your method 1 in a bit more detail? Are you able to do this through the CCA?

I think your second method is what I allready have at the moment, but in this case the call is only transferred if there is no one to pick up the phone during the first 16 seconds...

I have tried to configure the Nightservice with a second normal extension on a phone (the phone where I can manually activate/deactivate nightservice), which I in turn forwarded to en external number. But when calling the company while nichtservice is active, the call is just not forwarded

Also, if possible, I am all ears for your third method

Hi Johnny,

I haven't forgotten you I'm just flat out at work right now and I want

to make sure I respond back to you properly...

If you can hold on a little longer it will be much appreciated



On Mar 19, 2012 11:27 PM, "JohnnyZengers" <

Cheers, David Trad. **When you rate a persons post, you are indicating a thank you or that it helped, but at the same time you are also helping to maintain the community spirit - You don't have to rate posts and you wont be looked down upon :) *

No problem!

I know the feeling

Could still use some help here

Hi Johnny,

Under night service forward the call to one internal extension (delete external extension) and from this extension (on the phone directly) you can enter CFwdAll (call forward all) and set the phone you need all the calls to go to.

If this phone is not ringing under night service maybe you have not configured it properly. Remember you cannot add blast group (in CCA) under night service that is why you need to first point to floating extension then to forward this floating extension to the blast group then add it to night service and forward it to the phone on which you will enter CFwdAll.



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