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UC540 CTI Integration


We have installed a UC540 for a customer - Insurnace Agent.  The customer is using an application called eAgent.  The customer would like to integrate eAgent with UC540/SPA504G telephones. The objective is that when someone calls then the eAgent Application will POP Up the customer's client name. Also, when in eAgent the customer would like to click on the telephone number in eAgent and then have UC540/SPA504G dial their client. We contacted eAgent and they said the following: #1) VOIP must be softphone solution on each user's PC.  This is usually in the form of a dialer/HUD or simply a plug-in with login and web-lauching configurations.  #2) VOIP must be able to append a URL (a phone query to the telephone #) supplied to each user by the aAgent system. #3) VOIP must be able to open an Internet browser window, after appending the URL, from the client's computer often done with: 3a) Shellex on a awindows application, 3b) Javascript on hosted based solution.

Sorry for all this but maybe someone can point me in the right direction.  Is this doable/practical with UC540?

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paolo bevilacqua
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Yes, most of these are doable.

First you will need to install the "callconnector toolbar" (free), that is actually the TAPI driver.

Then you can use my "TAPI Web Launcher", it can be acquired on the website mentioned in my profile.

Other requirements can be also analyzed and resolved.


Ok loaded the toolbar. Acquired script - waiting for delivery.  I am not in office as this time. I configured the toolbar for my telephone - i also have a UC540. I can be in agent's office tomorrow. I guess I will have to reconfigure the Toolbar for one of his telephones. We are both using the same (default) CME server address.



excellent thank you so much - hopefully eagent has advanced a bit since your install. Much appreciated!

Hey Joe,


was just digging through the internet trying to find a solution to the same problem. Were you able to complete this? I installed a UC520 in an allstate office a few months ago and they are looking to integrate their system with eagent as well, Would really appreciate any info you have available on this. Thanks in advance!

Hi Chris,

The answer is yes and no.  I purchased a small app (TWL=Tapi Web launcher) from Paolo (below) -- very inexpensive. The call connector pop-up had to be installed for the TWL app to run.  I created a batch file (with the TWL app) to make it very simple for the Agent.  

Basically, the Allstate Agents use a database (accessed via a URL).  The URL will simply take you to the database and clients are looked up. Alternatively, you can attach a telephone number to the URL and it will open the database already to that customer - no need for lookup becuase attached telephone number does the lookup. When a call comes in: the TWL app attaches the incoming telephone number to the URL to open a new page for that client (assuming that clients telephone number is in the database of the Agent).  

The rub is that: it is not so easy as concerns other eAgent features. Like "clicking a number on the screen so that it initiates a outgoing call to that number".  This feature of eAgent, which is, for example, on every ones cell phone doesn't seem achievable with call connector - I am told by Cisco that this would work if the server application from Cisco is purchased but I wouldn't be confident of that and the Agent wouldn't pay for it.  In other words, not all of eAgent features are achievable.  In fact, one eAgent feature the client wants is to track calls to and from each employees but I am told this requires the purchase or development of a third party application to capture call data - place on a server - and write reports - the Agent was not willing to entertain paying for this.

Let me know if you would like more specifics.  Also, thanks to Paolo for the simple app.

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