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UC540 Internet Connection

I am trying to connect the UC540 to the internet in order to set up SIP.

The ISP, Virgin Media Business, (cable) have provided a Netgear Router with their own proprietary firmware which does not allow the router to be used as a straightforward modem. As far as I am aware, the Netgear Router cannot be removed from the setup because the Netgear Router's MAC Address is registered with the ISP. I have a Virgin DOCSIS 3.0 modem available (VMNG300), but they won't let me switch to it for some reason.

If I plug the Netgear Router into the UC540 WAN port, nothing seems to happen. I assume this is because the UC540 is trying to establish a WAN connection that has already been established by the Netgear Router.

Is there a way to have the UC540 connect to the internet without it being on the edge of the LAN? Is there some way to bypass the Netgear Router or some other workaraound here that I have not considered?

You will have to forgive me. I'm still a relative novice.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

Best wishes.



It doesn't matter if the Netgear has the public IP, when you connect the WAN of the UC to the Netgear the UC should pull a local IP. Does the Netgear have DHCP enabled?

If the UC won't pull the public IP because Virgin's equipment won't allow that, then why do you even need the WAN port?

I'd just connect the UC to the Netgear via a LAN port, and then configure a static default route on the UC that points to the Netgear local IP for internet routing. I would also delete the DHCP from either the UC or Netgear, so that they don't conflict with each other.




Thank you for this.

I have tried but still not able to ping the SIP registrar server.

The UC540 ic connected to the Netgear Router via LAN port.

I am at Static Routing in CCA. The Netgear Router LAN IP is The UC540 LAN IP is /

     Static Routing Table:

     Destination/Network  |   Network Mask   |   Gateway IP   |   Outgoing Interface                         Integrated-Service-Engine0/0                      Vlan100                      Vlan1

What other entries need to be made to connect the UC540 to the internet? Does the Netgear need to be configured also?

Best wishes



Static default route is:

Destination/Network  |   Network Mask   |   Gateway IP                      

What this does, is for any route that is not specificied, it will send route the traffic to your default route. In this case, we want to route to the Netgear.




Thank you for your help. SIP account has registered!