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UC540 - Need help with translation rules

I am in need of a translation rule that will add a 1 to long distance calls.  I am aware that there will probably be quite a bit of work involved but I am not very familary with translation rules in CME so as far as im aware it could just be one line.

Also if some one could point me in the direction of a good article to explain the translation rules for cisco I would really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.

David Trad
Rising star

Hi Mike,

I think from memory that you would need to also do this via a Dial-peer as well, Cisco in past did allow for call override codes and they were always present on the dial-peers.

Also if I am not mistaken you should be able to do this via CCA, but I cannot be 100% positive as I would need to test this and I have no means of doing so at present.


David Trad.

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Its a bit more complicated than that.

Assuming you are in the US and using the standard 7-digit dialplan (please correct me if this is not the case) -- your end users will HAVE to dial 1 for long distance calls for the dial-plan to even work.

For example:

Number you want to dial: 1-234-567-8901

What the system will actually dial if you don't include the '1': 234-5678 (incorrectly recognized as a local call)

Why? Local calls are matched as such: [2-9]xxxxxx -- and as soon as CME has an exact match dial-peer, it dials.

Of course all of this is entirely dependant on your location and dial-plan. In order to help you we will need more information.