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UC540 Shared Analog Extensions


Hey all!

So I am trying to do a CME migration to a UC540.  Outside of the requirement to use an access digit to dial an outside number the basic functionality is working well.  The issue I have is that there is a need/requirment to connect the Front Gate opener and the Doorbell to the System.

Right now in CME every phone has the following 2 DN's as buttons on the phone:

ephone-dn  140
ring internal primary
no call-waiting beep
number 3140
label Front Gate
description Front Gate
name Front Gate
call-forward noan 4444 timeout 18

ephone-dn  142
ring internal primary
no call-waiting beep
number 3142
label Entrance
description Entrance
name Entrance
call-forward noan 4444 timeout 18

These DN's are associated with the Analog ports as follows:

voice-port 0/0/3

timeouts ringing 10

connection plar 3140

description Front Gate

station-id name Front Gate

voice-port 0/1/0

timeouts ringing 10

connection plar 3142

description Entrance

station-id name Entrance

The basic operation of this is that when someone pulls up to the gate they push the button, that in turn rings the lines on the phones.  They answer this line from any phone and enter a code to open the gate.

On the doorbell side, when someone presses the doorbell it ring all the line on the phones and after 18 seconds does a cfna to 4444 which has the following Dial Peer settings:

dial-peer voice 444 voip

description Doorbell Hangup

destination-pattern 4444

session protocol sipv2

session  target ipv4:172.x.x.x

dtmf-relay sip-notify

codec g711ulaw

no vad

This acts as the hangup function.

I need to figure out how to replicate these two processes through CCA as to not ruin the software.  The whole purpose of migrating is so that there is a decent gui that will allow them to self manage the environment. 

I forgot to add this is an example of the ephone config:

ephone 28


ephone-template 1

paging-dn 100

type 7971

button 1:3 2:1 3:2 4:4

button 5:35 6:142 7:140 8o100,127

Help Please!

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Hello John,

This is not going to be possible in CCA:

dial-peer voice 444 voip

destination-pattern 4444

session  target ipv4:172.x.x.x

The only time CCA would create an ipv4 target for a dial-peer would be for multisite or calls to CUE. You can certainly add that in the CLI, but it might break elements of CCA.



Thanks for the reply John.

That is the way it is configured in CME today.  I don't need it to be exactly like that I just need to figure out how to make the functions work.

So I guess my real questions are how do I get the lines to ring when someone pushes the button and how to I get the doorbell to hang up automatically?