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UC560 2N Helios and SPA525G2


                   I understand that 2N Helios Vario system can be used with the UC560 and the SPA525G2.   I see on youtube and other places that the 2N Helios Vario does video with the Cisco 9971 Telephone.   I understand from 2N that the SPA525G2 uses jpeg streaming. Does anyone know what the 9971 uses for video?  Does anyone know if the 9971 can be used with the UC560?   And, is the SPA525G2 jpeg streaming good enough or should I be using the 9971?  In the end I need a video door phone that works with the UC560.




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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame Master

That should be the door phone vendor to answer, that is which video phones can display calls from their device.

In any case UC500 supports the 9971.

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

That should be the door phone vendor to answer, that is which video phones can display calls from their device.

In any case UC500 supports the 9971.


It is important for me to know that the 9971 works with the UC500. Thank you.  I will be purchasing the the 2N Helios Vario with Video. I will plug it into our UC540 and try to use the our SPA525G2. If the video is OK then I will stop there.  if the Video is poor then I can always get a 9971 (which I do not hve) and hopefully the Video will be fine. This will take me a week ot two and I will then post how it works.  Anyway, thanks again.

Please note that there no guarantee whatsoever that the 525G2 will display video from a third-party SIP device. And chances are just a little better for the 9971.

Thank you for the nice rating and good luck!


Please note the following:

Thanks again,


I haven't watched the video in full, but pay attention if that is supported on CME as opposed to CM, or both.

Will do. Thanks.


I have the 2N Helios IP Door Phone working as a SIP endpoint on the UC540.  Voice works fine. Trying to integrate Video with SPA525G2 (and or another Cisco phone).

I can recieve Video monitoring from the door phone to my PC -- I was hoping to use the SPA525G2 to recive Video monitoring. 

As I look through the literature I see some references SPA525G2 receiving Video montiroing from the Cisco 2300 surviellence cameras but these cameras are at end-of-life.  In those references it points to the SPA525G2 and says press settings and scroll down to Video - I believe this may be in the context of using the CCA Video Monitoring wizard.

Should my SPA525G2 have a Video monitoring setting?

Is it the CCA Video montoring wizard that adds a Video setting to the SPA525G2?    If not can I add it somehow?



If you have't already, check

FYI.  I able to get the 9951 to receive video from the 2N Helios Door Phone.   The Door Phone can call multiple phones, SPA504, SPA525G2, 9951s and others. All phones can pickup the door phone call and speak with the person outside.  When the  9971 picks up you can not only speak with the person outside but also see them.   The 9971 is using H.264 to receive the video.  The SPA525G2 does not support H.264.  I understand that the SPA525G2 may be able to receive the 2N Helios video as JPEG but I cannot seem to configure the SPA525G2 to properly do so.  I am lost as to whether this is UC540 limitation, CME 8.6 limitation, SPA525G2 limitation or I simply don't know how to configure.  At least I have the 9951 working fine.


pick-up problem again.

is there any way to get the video from 2n ip vario to a cp7975g ?

voice working fine over uc540.



Hi m.dammert,

I did get the 9971 to work with the 2N Helios for both voice & video on the UC540 and UC560. However, I am not sure of the differences between 9971 and 7975g. 

If you need more specifics on how this is programmed with 9971 then please let me know. 

Please be forewarned, when you put the 9971 in video mode, on the UC560, it looses capabilities.  For example, you won't get the normal use all the line buttons.

In the end, I dropped the idea of getting video to the telephones.  The 2N will stream, via IP EYE, to  essentially any computer (or even tablet).   With a special license you can stream to cell phones etc. The 2N is still a good a voice solution to the UC500.


Hey Joe,


thanks for your respond.

Yesterday i got the same idea with the ip eye and it's working fine.

i will test the 7975g using sip maybe it works...


a running config would be helpful.

i'm not sure if i set all parameters correct.

Maybe this will be helpful, if not please ask for more specific details/clarification.


For the 2N Settings:

The Static IP address of 2N is (in my case, in other words, on the main/data lan).

SIP Settings

   User ID and Auth ID both set to the telephone extension 19 (in my case). 


Video Codecs

       Preferred Video Codecs

           Choice 1 = H264

      Video Codec settings

                   QVGA (320x240), 10fps, 128kbps, 1400

       Advanced RTP Settings

                     0, 97, 98, ON


 voice register global
 mode cme
 source-address port 5060
 no outbound-proxy
 max-dn 56
 max-pool 14
 load 9971 sip9971.9-2-2
 load 9951 sip9951.9-2-2
 load 8961 sip8961.9-2-2
 timezone 12
 voicemail 39
 tftp-path flash:
 create profile sync 0724605232208639

voice register dn  1
 number 19  << telephone extension of 2N Helios
 call-forward b2bua busy 39
 call-forward b2bua noan 39 timeout 10
 allow watch
 name Helios IP

voice register pool  1
 id mac xxxx.xxxx.xxxx  << mac address of 2N Helios  
 number 1 dn 1
 dtmf-relay rtp-nte
 username 19 password 123456
 codec g711ulaw


Ok, the settings seems to be same...

I think the problem ar the phones...


An other question is how to set up the door-opener. typing 00 or anything else is working but i think a softkey would be better.

which way you configured it?

and what about open the door without getting a call from the ip-vario


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