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Tom Lademann

UC560 CallerID shows Anonymous

Hi I have the most recent IOS build on a new UC560. My carrier confirms that CallerID is active on the lines yet the phones still show anonymous call on in coming calls. Outgoing calls do show the correct Caller ID #. I have checked the config files and they do have the callerid line on them ... any thoughts on this build having an issue?                  


Hey Tom,

I don't have a specific answer for you, but you can probably add some clarification that will help a guru.

When you say that the CallerID is showing Anonymous, do you mean on the actual phone displays? Are you getting a phone number on the console display (assuming you've got the blue console cable attached from the UC 560 to a nearby PC). There may be 2 different problems in play here and this may help nail it down. I know on our console, for each incoming call we see a bunch of information about the call coming in. Admittedly, we have the T1/E1 card in our UC 560, so if you're using a completely analog phone line, it will be different.

If you are using an analog phone line, can you hook a phone with caller ID capabilities directly into the line and see what it shows. If the phone itself shows Anonymous, then you know it's a problem upstream of your 560.

Additionally, what exactly is being shown? Does it actually show the phrase "Anonymous" on the display? Is there any phone number attached?

David Trad
Rising star

Hi Tom,

Since you haven't told us what type of service you have feeding the UC-500, can you please do the following:


debug isdn q931

If FXO Line:

debug vpm signal

If SIP Trunk:

debug ccsip all (Note do not run this for longer than two test calls, the chatter can bring your system down)

If you are not confident with working the CLI then you can conduct the above commands within CCA, it is somewhere in your left hand side navigation menu-tree (Sorry don't have CCA on hand to tell you exactly where).

Also one last thing, is the display on the phone saying "Anonymous" or "Private" ? It would be very helpful to know this.      



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