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UC560 - Changing Auto Attendant Message Remotely

This should hopefully be an easy question. How can I record an alternate auto attendant message remotely and then make that the default AA message (or prefix it)? I have a client that wants to change the AA greeting when they are closed due to weather and then switch back to the original.

I set up a DID to the prompt manager extension and they can record an alternate greeting but they never seem to replace/prefix the original. I read the Tech Lab #27 but wanted some additional input before making script changes as that lab is over a year old.

Thank you.


Rising star

UC560 - Changing Auto Attendant Message Remotely

Hi Tim,

I could be wrong, but I am sure you can record more than one prompt and have it stored on the system and then use either CCA remotely or dial-in remotely and choose which prompt you want to use.

The thing with this is that you would need to look at using generic forms of recording to cater for it, I am not sure how you could do this on the fly, although I believe there to be a way to do it



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UC560 - Changing Auto Attendant Message Remotely

The newest version of CCA has an updated script that fixes that issue and you can only swap the auto attendant messages not play one in front of the other.  You can setup an AA with a hidden prompt, that points to the prompt manager extension and then change it from there.  In that situation you would need to have your prompts pre-recorded so that you can pick one when you call-in.