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UC560 - Configure Cisco IP Conference Phone 7937G


Can anyone help me configure Cisco IP Conference Phone 7937G with UC560. Is there any special steps to perform for configuration or just as a normal Cisco IP phone connect directly to the router, assign extension using CCA and it will start working?

Do I need to perform additional steps to configure this conference phone like registering it with TAPS? How can I activate the conference phone and how can I get the TAPS extension to activate it?

Thank you for your time and consideration.



UC560 - Configure Cisco IP Conference Phone 7937G

Should be the same as configuring any other phone. I have seen issues with using non US locale and the phone failing to register so if you are not in the US and you have a non US locale configured switch to US to test.


UC560 - Configure Cisco IP Conference Phone 7937G

Thank you Craig for helping me out. I appreciate it. I will be using USlocale since this installation is in US.

Again thank you for your help.


Rising star

UC560 - Configure Cisco IP Conference Phone 7937G

Hi Veeral,

Please ensure the following:

  • Make sure the UC has conferencing enabled so the 7937 can be fully used
  • If you wanted to host a conference room, make sure you have Meet-Me setup and that the 7937 is an administrator of it so it can initiate the conference room (Some companies prefer only the receptionist to do this)
  • For Ad-Hoc conferencing, please make sure you have the phone configured as Octo-Line and not Dual-Line, this way you can have up to 8 active participants, otherwise if you want more then use Meet-Me
  • Make sure it has the latest firmware, the best way to achieve this is to use the UC Software pack 8.2 and make sure both CME/CUE are up to the latest (This does not always give you the latest firmware, but it is still quite current)
  • If you have the extended microphones, please make sure that they are not to close to each other and are spread out well over the table, this way noise cancellation works at its best, if they are too close some problems may be hit

This should cover the setup, the rest can be achieved on the system itself not so much the phone



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