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UC560/Cyber Data SIP Paging Adapter Question

Hello.  We are connecting a legacy Bogen HTA-250A to a UC560 via a Cyber Data SIP Paging Adapter.

We have the analog end done.  Can hear the "Audio test" from the adapter to the overhead speakers.

The issue remains with getting the UC560 and Adapter to communicate to each other.

Per Cisco SMB Support and Cyber Data's site the "callbox" configuration process was used. 

Here is what was entered into the UC560:



QMI-UC560(config)#ip dhcp pool Callbox


QMI-UC560(dhcp-config)#hardware-address 0020.F702.1A6E



QMI-UC560(dhcp-config)#voice register global

QMI-UC560(config-register-global)#mode cme

QMI-UC560(config-register-global)#source-address port 5060

QMI-UC560(config-register-global)#max-dn 6

QMI-UC560(config-register-global)#max-pool 1



QMI-UC560(config-register-global)#voice register dn 6

QMI-UC560(config-register-dn)#number 1212



QMI-UC560(config-register-dn)#voice register pool 1

QMI-UC560(config-register-pool)#id mac 0020.F702.1A6E

QMI-UC560(config-register-pool)#number 1 dn 6

QMI-UC560(config-register-pool)#dtmf-relay rtp-nte

QMI-UC560(config-register-pool)#username 1212 password 1212

QMI-UC560(config-register-pool)#codec g711ulaw


QMI-UC560(config-register-pool)#no vad



The UC560 being IP and the Adapter being (via DHCP)

I can provide screen captures of teh C.D. Adapter as well.

Any thoughts, or if you had success setting one of these up I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, Paul

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Hi. Just to clarify, you are having troubles with the Adapter registering as a SIP extension on the UC560?

Can you ping the Adapter's IP address from the UC560 CLI and receive a response? Do you have the UC560's CME IP address set as the registrar for the Adapter?

Alternatively, I think one of the best ways to set this up is as follows:

1) Setup Adapter on a Voice VLAN Access port (this way the Adapter will have an IP address on the same VLAN as an IP Phone.

2) Then setup paging groups (multicast) on the UC560

3) Scroll through the CLI to the UC560 Paging Group ephone-dn and note down the Multicast address and Port

4) Go into the CyberData Adapter's configuration, enable multicast and put in the same multicast address and port as the UC560 ephone-dn had.

5) Make a test page to the multicast group by dialing the paging extension

6) The CyberData should broadcast the page out it's audio port

7) Using this method the CyberData could also be joined into a combined page with the phone sets.

The above instructions may need a little refining, but I have done this before with success. Please let me know how it turns out.

Turns out there is a how to on Cyberdata's website. This is if you want to use the CLI versus the CCA/CLI method.

J. First thank you for your response.

To answer your questions.

Yes, I am having issues with the Adapter registering as a SIP ext. to the UC560.

No, I cannot ping the adapter ( from the UC560 ( in either CLI or CCA.

Yes, I do have the CME IP set as the register for the adapter.

Here are screen captures from the Cyber Data Adapter:

I will follow your suggestions first thing Monday Morning.  I will post my results.

Thanks again, Paul

J, here is what I tried this Morning:


ip dhcp pool Paging Adapter


hardware-address 0020.F702.1A6E


ephone-dn 4

number 1212 no-reg primary

description IP-Paging4

name Overhead Paging

paging ip port 2000

voice service voip

sip registrar server expires max 36000 min 600

voice register global

mode cme

source-address port 5060

max-dn 4

max-pool 5

authenticate realm

create profile sync 0420545391215172

voice register dn 4 

number 1212

name PagingGateway

voice register pool 4

id mac 0020.F702.1A6E

number 1 dn 4

username 1212 password 1212

codec g711ulaw

voice register global

create profile


Here are screen shots of the CyberData SPA:

I get a "ring" when I dial 1212 but nothing happens between the two devices.  I will attach a Show Run of the UC as well.

Any other info would be appreciated.

Thanks much, Paul



I would put the Cyber data adapter on the voice vlan and just assign let it get an IP via DHCP.

You can reference this post for the SIP configuration on the UC:

Here are some docs that reference the Cyber data configuration:

As previously suggested, you can also have the Cyber data listen for the multicast. You need to add the following IPs and port to the Cyber data so it is aware it needs to transmit those multicasts:

All Page

paging ip port 2000


Office Page

paging ip port 2000


Factory Page

paging ip port 2000


Overhead Paging

paging ip port 2000

The multicast is probably the best solution as it will page through the phones and the Cyber data.

Also, we really shouldn't have duplicate numbers on the system. Can you change the paging or SIP extension?

voice register dn  4

number 1212

name PagingGateway

ephone-dn  4

number 1212 no-reg primary

description IP-Paging4

name Overhead Paging

paging ip port 2000

Hope this helps.



John, in this instance what do ABCD repersent?  The IP of the CyberData?

voice translation-rule 412

rule 1 /^ABCD\(.*\)/ /\1/

voice translation-profile SIP_Passthrough

translate called 412


That is a voice translation rule. It is in no way associated with the IP of the Cyberdata.



I also changed

voice register dn  4

number 1212

name PagingGateway


voice register dn  4

number 1111

name PagingGateway


If the Cyberdata is not registering, you can setup the following debug to monitor the registration attempts:

debug ccsip messages

Also, did you move it to the voice vlan? Are you going to try the multicast configuration?



John, I deleted the entire sh run.  If you need it back let me know.

I set the Cyber Data device to a static IP od on VLAN 100.

I did set the multicast for the three default Cisco Paging dn's and added a fourth for the Cyber Data.

I will run the debugs Tuesday.  I am at EST.

Thank you for your advice.  Paul

John, here is a pcap we took just a little ago:

Also screen shots of the Cyber Data;


Does the multicast method work?

Looking  at the packet capture we are not receiving a response from the UC for  the SIP register. This is because there is an access list that only  allows registrations from the voice vlan. Can you put the Cyberdata on  the voice vlan and test? It has a 172 address not the static  you said you assigned previously.



John, I changed it back to a VLAN 1 IP (172.16.x.x) to try another route.

Let's say I was starting from the beginning, what would the best way to configure the UC560 then carry the settings over to the Cyber Data SIP Paging Adapter?

Thank you.  Paul


Blow away all the SIP settings, you don't necessarily even need the device to register via SIP. Put the adapter on the voice vlan, and configure the multicast settings on the Cyberdata to match what multicast settings are on the UC.



So, do not add any additional SIP, ephone, dn configuration?

Just add this?

ephone-dn  6

number 1111 no-reg primary

description IP-Paging6

name QMI Page

paging ip port 2000

Make sure on the Multicast Config page of the Cyber Data has the same Multicast settings?

Give the Cyber Data an IP of say  Is there any thing else I'm missing?

Thank you, Paul

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