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UC560 fxo with 4FXO VIC card.

Just wanted to confirm before purchasing how the UC560 handles PSTN Analog lines.  We have 8 analog lines each with a different number.. example 123-456-7899, 123-456-7898, 123-456-7897 etc....

If the office wants to use one of the numbers as the "main" office number how would the UC560 handle the incoming calls?  If someone dials the main number, lets say it will be 123-456-7899, what happens when a 2nd person dials it?  Will the UC move that incoming call to another FXO port just like when doing outbound calls?   If it works the way I mention above, that would allow for 8 people to call in on that 1 line and it will be spread between all 8 fxo ports..  does that sound correct?

Or, does the teleco company have to due the hunting for us? 

Any insight would be appreciated.



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Re: UC560 fxo with 4FXO VIC card.

Yes, telco has to do it. System cannot control how telco routes incoming calls. So, one has to ask telco to setup an hunt group, and define which addtional lines it will re-hunt calls. Depedning on situation these line can be incoming only, or bidirectional. In this case, special care must be give to the CO and system hunt scheme to minimize glare.

Also, please note if using a bunch of analog lines like you're planning, that will not get the best results to the users, like fast dialing, immedaite CLID display, automatic hunt as described above, DID service, digital voice quality, etc. For best results, one should only use ISDN PRI, or SIP trunk.

Finally, but very important: unless you have significant amount of expereince with telephony and netwrok, it is strongly recommened that for sure and quick results you get an UC certfied Cisco partner, or person of equivalente knowledge and expereince.


UC560 fxo with 4FXO VIC card.

Thank you Paolo.  I'm used to SIP and T1's through an ISR so wasn't sure how regular analog lines from an FXO and the UC560 would handle it. 

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UC560 fxo with 4FXO VIC card.

Same, as they run same identical IOS software.

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