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Brian Rapier

UC560 - how do you enable echo cancellation?

We are running into an issue with echo with our UC560 setup.  It is mostly happening at our remote locations where you can hear yourself talking.

Though its also happening at the main location, just not as often.  The UC is setup on a PRI.

How would I go about enabling echo cancellation to try and sort this issue out?



paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

It is enabled by default. These troubles are a little mind boggling, because in theory, VoIP induces no echo.

Maybe mention exact phones type and FW you're using.

And the most important thing: have user turn off speakerphone.


Phones are SPA504g with 7.4.9c fw.

turn off speaker phone?  This is happening using the handset, or headset.

Hi Brian,

Does users use handset on both sides when speaking?

Did you try to factory reset the affected phones?

Best regards,


Please update phone FW to 7.5.3 and check again.

Okay I will give that a shot.

Can you update only specific phones?  I am not able to down my system while all the phones update the firmware.

Sorry, but seeing that one answer I gave, 100% correct and made with the will to help, has been mis-rated, I've deleted it.

After further investigation of this issue it has been discovered that the echo only happens when someone is calling to/from one of our ASA186 devices.  This had failed to be mentioned in any of the complaints.

After changing the codec that the ASA's are using to g729r8 the issue has so far been resolved. 

I am still planning on doing the firmware updates on the phones, but I am leary of updating a working system.

As for the rating, it was supposed to be 3 stars as a helpful post.  I will fix that.

David Trad
Rising star

Hi Brian,

If you drag-n-drop the new firmware into CCA it will most likely reboot all the phones and do the updates to the phones, this will take anywhere up to 4.5 minutes to complete per phone.

However if you are up too it, you could do it manually and then restart each phone 1-by-1 and update them that way, I would not encourage you to do it this way, and would rather you do it the proper way through CCA, and do it either at the end of the day or after hours, just make sure you send out a corporate wide e-mail advising of system maintenance and up too 10 minutes downtime.


David Trad.

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I will give that a shot.  I was not aware you could jsut drag and drop the firmware in.


Okay so the firmware update has went well so far.  Hopefully it will sort out a couple of the little issues we have been running into (such as the echos)

I did notice a big change in the ring length.  Anyway to change that?  The new external long ring is way to long and the workers are complaining.