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UC560 License File Not Working


I am trying to add 16 users to a UC560 using a license file.  They currently have 72 licensed users.  I am trying to upgrade with CCA.  When I do the upgrade license from file option, it gives me the error "better license exists" using the license file I have.

Can anyone tell me what that means?

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Darren DeCroock


When you receive the error "A better license already exists", it means that the count in the license file you are attempting to install is lower than the currently number if installed licenses.  I would suggest opening the license file with notepad, and just looking for the count.  64

If this number is less than your current number of installed users, you will need to get that corrected before being able to install the new license.  For that, I would suggest calling into support.  1-866-606-1866

Thank you,


I'm having same problem , can someone provide a solution for this ?

As indicated above, you need to contact Cisco. E.g. <>

Spoke to 3 Cisco Engineers today , no one actually can tell why this happened and no solution has been provided so far. 

You need to talk to licensing team to the address above. Or even Cisco TAC, or SBCS, open a case for "new product not working".

They will give you a ticket number and it will be followed and escalted until resolved.

Otherwise you can return the product (possibly you have been given the wrong license item) for a full refund.

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