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UC560 mobile users voice mail and extension configuration

Anybody have a great solution for Mobile users utilizing the UC560? The company has a group of people who travel 3 weeks out of the month and the fourth week they will be at their desks in the office. They want a solution designed where the office phone extension and/or voicemail can follow them when they travel. They will have cell phones and IP Communicator installed on laptop computers. They would prefer not have more than one voice mailbox and extension per user, so it is easy to get hold of them by dialing one extension or leaving messages in a single voice mailbox.

Darren DeCroock

If they use the SNR (Single Number Reach) feature on the UC560, it would ring both the office phone and their mobile phone at the same time.  If neither is answered, the system would pull the call back, and send the caller to their personal voicemail box on the UC560.

Couple of things:

1.  If they are using FXO lines, SNR cannot pull the call back after it has started ringing the mobile phone.

2.  The timeout on the call to be sent to voicemail has to be lower than the timeout of the cell phone carrier.

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They will be using PRI for their trunk so that will prevent #1 from occurring. Let's presume they receive a voicemail on their main extension at the office. When they fire up their ip communicator and they have a monitor button for their "office extension" and that monitor button is blinking with the voicemail icon. They would then use voiceview express on the ip communicator to access their "office extension" mailbox. Is that the best scenario is their a more end user frienly way of accessing their voicemail remotely?  Seems like voiceview express would be pretty good. Does voiceview express work on ip communicator?




You have a couple options.

1.  Setup each user with SNR so that when calls are placed to their office phone, their cellphone will ring at almost the same time

2.  Setup a VPN server so that users can use the EZ-VPN client to connect back to the home office. When using the VPN client the user will be able to use their IP Communicator and access the data network.

3.  Enable Unified Messaging through the applications manager to allow users to see their messages through an IMAP client like MS Outlook. 


They could use voiceview express if that is what they want, but I have not tested this with IP Communicator. (Don't know of any reason it would not work.)  But I would personally just call into the voicemail system and listen to my messages.  They could do this remotely over their cell phone, or with IP communicator.  If they are doing this remotely on a cell phone, they would have to have a DID setup that goes to an Auto Attendant, or directly to the voicemail system.   Another option would be to use voicemail to email, to have their voicemails emailed to them.

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