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[UC560] Newb Voicemail(#399) Busy


We just got a fresh UC560 and I'm trying to configure it through CCA... I'm having problems access to voicemail. Pressing the message button returns a busy tone as well as when the phone isn't picked up. I enabled VM for the extensions but I'm not sure what the problem is.

Also, if anyone can tell me how to assign the operator(#0) an extension for AA, that would help as well.

Thanks in advance for your help.


To Configure Voicemail do the following.

On the left hand side of CCA under the "Telephony" section click on Voicemail.

Under the setup tab you will configure the voicemail access extension and other features you want to use.

Under the Mailboxes tab verify that the user and user extension you configured is in this box and that the mailbox is enabled.

To Configure 0 to transfer to the operator.

On the left hand side click on Auto Attendant.

From the "Auto Attendant" tab you can configure what you want. Its pretty self explanatory.

This should clear up your problem.


I had a similar issue to this on a new UC560 awhile back and I was using x299 for vm pilot.  Finally, I checked the CLI and there was a dn defined for x299.  I removed that dn and voicemail has worked fine since then.  Not sure if this is your problem or not, but you can also the CUE diags to make sure the module is running in a steady state and is accessible.  Good luck.


Well, I reset the configuration back to factory default and voicemail works now. Guess it happened because I fired up the system before all components were connected.

Does anyone have a good link or source to set up auto attendant properly?

Also, does anyone know how to set the operator extension on the default auto attendant(when you press "0" for operator)?

Once you have the extension number assigned to the operator.  You can use the cli command     num-exp 0 xxxx     , where xxxx is the extension number for the operator.  It could be 3, 4 or 5 digit extension.  I have used it and works great.

Can you tell me how I can assign an extention number to the operator?

also, could you tell me how I can access the CLI properly? I tried various ways with no avail.

The features you want to configure are usually never configured via CLI.  AA and Voicemail are almost always configured via the CUE web GUI.  Thankfully, CCA can do both of these for the UC500.  CCA makes it so easy to do what you are asking for! I posted some screenshots of what you want to it.

Thanks for the screen shots. I just didn't have time to create our own AA so I just wanted to set the operator extension for the default auto attendant.(aa.aef).

Another newb question: how can I download the CUE Gui interface?

Also, is there a default password for the Group Default voice mailbox? I can't get access to those message...

To setup AA and Voicemail in CCA would take you 20 mins from start to finish.  Since you arent familiar with CLI or the way CUE operates, I would go the CCA route.  CUE and CME are separate entities and you can't run through the process without experience to make it work.

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