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UC560 Overhead Paging integration with a twist

Client has a UC560 phone system they've just installed.  Their previous phone system had an overhead paging system integrated (PagePac 20, originally manufactured by Harris, then also sold by AT&T.)  The client would like their UC560 to utilize the PagePac 20 overhead paging system.  Also, to add a twist, the clients previous phone system would announce call waiting messages "Call Waiting on Extension xxx" automatically.  For the life of me, I don't know how I'm going to replicate this for the client.  Any thoughts?

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Re: UC560 Overhead Paging integration with a twist

Hi There,

As a long shot with the Over Head paging system, you may need an LIU for the existing system, but it will need to have the FXS connection on it to allow it to plug into the FXS port, however there is a downside to this in that the FXS port can lock-up at times, of which I have to deal with this on many occasions and nearly all the time it resulted in having to run the reload command to get the port back.

Alternatively you may need to look at a SIP based Over Head paging unit, however trying to convince the client to let go of the older one is often a huge challenge. I still do not know why Cisco do not create a port on the system like every other phone system has that allows for the older style as well as the new Paging system to plug directly in the units, every single time someone requests a paging device to be plugged in we run into this problem and it is frustrating and annoying at best.

I am not sure what you mean by the Call Waiting side of it, although if my suspecions are correct the only way to produce a similar result to a KTS style system is to use Trunk Line Monitoring and create trunk lines on certain keys, this will mimic a KTS system and also give you that Call Waiting feature as well, as to it happening in a Blast Group scenario I am not entirley sure if this can be produced that way (Although I might be able to be done).

There are various things you can do as work around's, but sometimes they require a lot of effort and in some cases require CLI configurations which then take you out of scope and most likely will result in no support from SBS.



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