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Uc560 restricting internal call transfers

Paul Dicine


I have a few customers that keep getting into trouble with the following scenarios

1) Customer a gets a call and goes to transfer it and instead of hitting the intended party, they it the overhead pager and actually transfer the call to the overhead paging system (It has happened more than once)

2) Customer b has a door lock buzzer (Viking). It works like this. Someone shows up at the door and hits the intercom button. FXS port on the Uc560 has connection PLAR to a blast group that rings two phones. If someone picks up all is well and when they go to press the door button (Door buzzer is an extension on the system as well) the call gets transferred to that extension and now we have an active call betwee a door buzzer and an fxs port on the uc560. The only way to clear it is to unplug the port. We have tried to tell the customer to hang up the call from the door system first, then press the speed dial to buzz them in but they occasionally forget and we get the service call.

I would love to be able to restrict the extensins and not allow anyone to transfer to them. Is there a way? I know there is a way to do this with External extensions but what about internal ones? I just want to prevent people from transferring to ext 50 or ext 75.

Thoughts and any other suggetions are always welcome..


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