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UC560 SPA509G Barge Call Announce Feature Availability

System: UC560-T1E1-K9

Set: SPA509G


Scenario: Set A is off hook and engaged in a telephone call with an outside party. Set B would like to alert the end user on set A that they have another call by entering the conversation and announcing the call to them. Set B would not like the outside party to hear this announcement.



Is this feasible?

Is there a recommended method to accomplish this?

Does this require third party software?

Is there a particular name Cisco calls this feature?


Hi John,

Does the Whisper Intercom feature sound like what you're looking for?

Whisper  Intercom

When  a phone user dials a whisper intercom line, the called phone  automatically answers using speakerphone mode, providing a one-way voice  path from the caller to the called party, regardless of whether the  called party is busy or idle.

Unlike  the standard intercom feature, this feature allows an intercom call to a  busy extension. The calling party can only be heard by the recipient.  The original caller on the receiving phone does not hear the whisper  page. The phone receiving a whisper page displays the extension and name  of the party initiating the whisper page and Cisco Unified CME plays a  zipzip tone before the called party hears the caller's voice. If the  called party wants to speak to the caller, the called party selects the  intercom line button on their phone. The lamp for intercom buttons are  colored amber to indicate one-way audio for whisper intercom and green  to indicate two-way audio for standard intercom.

You  must configure a whisper intercom directory number for each phone that  requires the Whisper Intercom feature. A whisper intercom directory  number can place calls only to another whisper intercom directory  number. Calls between a whisper intercom directory number and a standard  directory number or intercom directory number are rejected with a busy  tone.




Whisper Intercome is not supported on SPA500 phones.   We all didnt realize this back in beginning of July.

One of our PMs (Anna) provided this a short while ago...

Whisper intercom is supported with CME 7.1 or later and SCCP v12 or later. Dual-line and octo-line dns are not supported. Also, whisper intercom is not supported on SPA 500 phones, single-line phones such as 7906 or 7911, and some of the older 7900 phones (7960, for example). Whisper Intercom can be configured on the latest 7900 phone models such as 7931/41/42/45/61/62/65/70/71,75.


Does this also apply to the UC540?


Yes John, the phone operation and limitations are the same on all UC 5xx models

Steve DiStefano


Thank you for the update on this.

Can you confirm - so this means the limitation in this case resides on the SPA500 phone since the UC560 runs on CME?

Would replaceing the SPA509 with 7900 series phones on the UC560 remedy this?

Is there any other way to accomplish this with this setup or perhaps a recommended way around this rather than whisper?

Thank you much,


UC500 running the latest SWP (look for 8.0.4 on Friday) will support this on the Octo-Line phone.  So you are correct.   SPA phones wont support it.


Perfect, thank you.

As a follow-up, the 7942G phone is being explored as a replacement to the 509G.

The rationale behind the 509G phone selection was the 12 lines. They wish to permit for lines to be shared across telephone sets allowing any user to see when a call is coming in and pick it up.

Q1: Can we confirm that when both line buttons are in use on the 7942G phone, an additional 6 calls can show on the display via stacking?

Q2: Can we perhaps supply a screenshot or recorded webex demo on how the call stacking looks and feels?

I’ve found the comparable demo for the 7942G phone here:

This shows how to answer incoming calls and switch between calls but lacks the illustration of the stacking feature.

Thanks again.


With octo-line support each line button would be able to support up to 8 calls. For the 7942G that would be a total of 16 calls, 8 calls on each button. Send me a private message with your email and I can unicast  a video demo.




Hi John,

Thanks for the message. I replied back with a video, which was 2MB. Can you confirm that you got it? I just wanted to double check that it didn't get filtered/blocked along the way.