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UC560 translation pattern on pots voodoo required

One of my clients has an 'interesting' problem that probably can be solved with a translation pattern on the right dial-peer.

I have tried a bit myself but obviously without the desired result.

Let my describe the situation.

1 - Device 1 - old analog box - receives a call

2 - Device 1 signals some software via RS232 that it is receiving a call

3 - Device 1 opens an analog line on a second analog port and dials (DTMF) an external voice number

4 - Device 2 - a generic PBX - receives the call from Device one, opens an external line and calls out

5 - Device 3 - a Cisco UC560 receives the external call and puts it through to the internal designated line

The desire: eliminate the PBX and connect Device 1 directly to the UC560.

Problem 1: Device 1 cannot be programmed anymore, software and instructions have been lost.

Problem 2: Device 1 dials an external number (without a prefix).

Is there a way to keep the call on the UC560 without making a u-turn call back in?