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uc560 with SPA500 Series phone voice quality

majid omeir

last implemantion of uc560 with SPA500 series phone i have noticed that most of ur customer who used legcey pbx and shift to ipphone saying

that the quality of spa500 series voice is very bad and also the voice like they are in cave ,why ,does anybody have the same complain from thier customers,it is because the SPA500 series low quality and cheaper price ,please any  help

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What firmware are you running on your SPA500 phones?


David Trad
Rising star
Rising star

Hi Majid,

I have been faced with this single complaint with every single install, with one client Cisco even replaced all 15 phones and that still didn't resolve the issue.

One trick you can do with the SPA-525G2 phones is lower the Bass, this has worked to a degree but still the complaints come in but they are living with the issue.

The other way to get around this, for the most important people including the receptionist, put a Headset on the desk phone, I know it does not solve the problem, but it does provide a workable work-around.

The Audio quality issue also persists in the 7-4-9 RC1 firmware I have been using to resolve issues with the SPA-525G2 and Park Slots, and the latest firmware that comes with 8.2 for the SPA-50X phones still has the issue.

If it is of any comfort you are not the only one fielding complaints about this problem.



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