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UC5XX and PIX multisite topology


"Quick" question here regarding the network topology we are going to put in place at the client head office soon.

Client has right now 4 branch offices, 2 with UC5XX and 2 with PIX 501.

Head office has a PIX 515e and will get a UC560. Now, we have plenty of static public IPs, so we've decided to put the PIX and UC side-by-side.

Now, problem is, is there a way to configure the setup so that remote PCs connected behind UC5XX can access the servers at the Head Office?

Since servers have their network setup so that it is the PIX that is the gateway, is there a "cleaner" way other than have to create a specific route in the PIX to forward all destination packets from head office to 192.168.12.X and 192.168.13.X networks to the UC560?

EDIT : Forgot to mention that tunnels will be setup so that PIX501 are connected to PIX515e and UC520 and UC540 are connected to the UC560

Schéma MaheuMaheu Les Rocailles.PNG

Feel free to suggest other network topologies if you feel it would be better doing it another way!

Thanks guys,