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UC5xx outgoing caller-id on PRI

Hi everyone. I know this is a beaten topic, but I want to bring it up again in hopes of Cisco actually resolving this on the UC5xx series. Here is my scenario:

UC560 T1/E1- latest 8.6 pack

CCA 3.2(1)

PRI = dms1000

We installed a UC560 for a customer, now they want to manipulate the outgoing caller-id name to be "company-x" and thier main number and still have thier individual user internal directory unmanipulated.

The dms1000 per the telco will not add a name to the caller-id field, just the billing number, so the advantage of manipulating the outgoing dial-peer to strip the clid name is useless.

The customer also wants to have no manipulation of the internal directory, and since this was something they had with thier now defunct BCM it is something they think should be a basic feature of the UC5xx box, and I completely agree. After pouring over the forums, tech support and even calling SMB TAC, no results other than "sorry" or "no plans to fix this that we are aware of".

The customer  is now pressing to dump the UC5xx and wants another solution. Drastic yes, but they are the customer and want what they want.

So, as a matter of point, is there a fix for this scenario (be it a TCL script or other manipulation) or do we tell our customers that UC5xx will never support caller-id manipulation properly?

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Re: UC5xx outgoing caller-id on PRI

As you have found yourself: Cisco UC500 does not support Canada outbound CLID scenatio, an not annouced plans to do it..

As for the TCL script, certainly possible, you can contact myself at the address present in my profile