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Unable to Log Into UC320 with older firmware installed

Good Morning,

It appears that UC320's are being shipped with older firmware applied on them, and as a result we are having difficulty logging into them using the latest versions of IE;Firefox and Google Chrome. Although I havent tried Safari I imagine it will be the same.

The only way we can gain access is by using an older version of IE which generally means sourcing a Windows XP PC which is becoming increasingly difficult to do.

Once we have logged in with the elusive XP machine and updated the firmware there is not a problem.

My dilema is this - How do we gain access to these UC320's with the old firmware in the absence of an older version of a browser?

Cisco Employee

Unable to Log Into UC320 with older firmware installed

Hi Aaron,

The original shipping firmware did have a compatability issue with Flash version 11.

The firmware loaded during manufacturing has since been updated to resolve this issue in the future.

Here is a work around to the flash compatability issue.


  If you are having problems logging in or upgrading from firmware versions below 2.1.2, you may be experiencing the

Adobe Flash Player version 11 incompatibility with pre-2.1.2 firmware

issue.  Click the link for workaround.

For additional information on UC320W firmware releases please select this link:




Unable to Log Into UC320 with older firmware installed

I ran into same issue, and Randall is correct. Make sure you get a lower version of flash. you can get it at they have multiple versions of flash there. The UC tends to have issue's with IE as well. I would use firefox for uc. So far I have flashed about 4 of them to the current version, and nary a problem save the slow internet at a couple of sites.

Good luck!

William Ramos