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Marcos Hernandez

Unable to play MOH file on UC500

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I have done this, many different ways, many different times, wasted hours.  It simply does not work:

How can I generate a custom MoH file?

Using Audacity version 1.2.6, you can create a custom MoH file for the UC500.  You can capture a MOH file using a CD Player or microphone.

Download Audacity from  It is available for PC, Mac or Unix.

You will have to modify the preferences of Audacity by selecting:

  1. Edit > Preferences.
  2. Under Audio I/O, select the recording device and Channels to 1 (Mono).
  3. Under Quality, change Default Sample Rate to 8000Hz.
  4. Under File Format, change Uncompressed Export Format to AU (Sun/Next 8 bit u-law).  For A-law, select other, AU (Sun/NeXT), then select A-law.

You can now record the audio and use Audacity to edit the file and trim unwanted audio.  The volume level of a MOH file cannot be adjusted through Cisco IOS software, so it cannot be changed when the file is loaded into the flash memory of the UC500. To adjust the volume level of a MOH file, rerecord the file, but adjust the volume controls in an audio editor before downloading the file to UC500's flash memory.

Export the audio the audio by selection:

  1. File > Export As AU.
  2. Name the file and save it to a known location.

The file is ready for import.

Marcos Hernandez

I am in the proccess of testing the above procedure on a MAC using the latest beta software from audacity. In the meantime, refer to this alternate procedure, using Windows Sound Recorder:


while your on the subject about MOH, do you know the name of the MoH song of cisco tac??? nice tune... :)



It is actually dependent on who answers the phone and which CM cluster they are connected to.

I have a working way to get this done now, it will be posted soon.  The previous way that was posted on how to do this actually works, but only if the file is already in a certain format.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this will be a single tool fix, but a multiple tool fix to get the files in the correct format.


I checked and we can't share it :-(


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