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Upgrade from UC540 to UC560???


I need to upgrade a client with a current UC540 to a UC560 due to license issues.  What is the right way to upgrade.


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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame Master

Apply saved configuration from one device to another (and CUE).

David Trad
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Rising star

Hi Econsystem,

You can attempt a CCA backup on the 540 and then try and get that backup restored to the 560, it has worked twice for me in the past but failed more than it has worked

The final way to do it is to do it as Paolo suggested, do a "copy run to flash" command and give the file a good name such as "UC540-RUN-.cfg", this will create a text based backup of the UC-540 CME, however with the CUE you will need to do it manually such as do a "sh run" then copy the text and paste it into notepad and save the file as a text file, for restoration you will need to transplant it manually which is a slow and tedious task.

The downside to doing it this was is that everyone will need to login and redo their Voice Mail and the AA's will loose their voice recording so will need to be recorded as well and no doubt some other small issues will arise, but can most likely be overcome with a little patience.

I would encourage you to try the CCA path first using version 3.2.1 and see if it works, I don't know how Licensing will get effected but I am sure it should be OK if it works for you


David Trad.

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Hi econsystems,

If you are using an AA I would add that you can grab the recording through the CUE web gui and then reupload that to the 560. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a method to do that for the voicemail greetings.



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