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Upload AA Prompt

Mario Garcia

I have an RMA unit and need to upload the prompts from the old system since they were professionally recorded.  The customer paid to have someone come onsite and record.

I know there has to to be a way to do this.

Please advise.

Is this something that can be done via the advanced page?

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David Hornstein
Rising star
Rising star

Hi Mario,

Sounds like the old machine is close at hand. You may be very lucky.

If you have a USB key then select "Save Full site backup to USB"  from the backup/restore option  at the top right of the embedded configuration utility.

You should be able to backup the complete comfiguration, AA prompts, email etc.... from your old unit.

Then hopfully in my screen capture below,  you will have an option to restore that full backup to the replaced machine..

If you wish to speak to a techncian,   try the URL below.

regards Dave

Hi David,

I was able to restore but I am still having the same issues.  I am going to factory reset the system and rebuild from scratch.  Since I have to rebuild then the backup and restore is no longer going to work for me.

I was able to get the recording company to give me the audio files.  How can we upload the prompts to the system?


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