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User has 3 phones whats the best way to set this up?

We have a user with 3 phones in his office, one on his desk, one on his sofa area, and one in his bathroom. they are all the nice color 79xx phones. He had an extsion of 600 on old system. he wants that when anyone dials 600 all 3 phones ring, and his secratarys phone rings (she has a 508) What is the best way to make this happen?

I was told his secratary will have to get a 79xx phone if she wants both visual and audio notification. She also wants to see on her display the caller ID as well.



David Trad
Rising star

Hi Bill,

Using CCA you can set the Call Flow Topology to be as follows:

Inbound Call Go to Blast Group 500 >>> Blast Group 500 Has all Extensions as a member >>> All Phones ring with a time-out set for 20-25 seconds >>> Time-out points to the Receptionist VM >>> receptionist records and announcement for VM (This can be either using the Mini AA that is allowed for the VM or just having the calls go straight to the VM).

That is a basic and simple small office setup, however it is advised you probably do the following to keep it simple for all parties involved:

  • Have all the extensions in the same Extension rage, I.E Reception is 600, then 601 for next extension and then 602 etc...etc... (You should get the drift)
  • Have your blast group pilot number as 500 and add everyone into its membership (CCA telephony wizard will help you with this)
  • Use the TransferVM option to have the time-out of the blast group point directly to the VM of the reception phone, normally it is defaulted to 6... however since you are using the 6XX extension range, you may want to change that to 4... or 7... (Not 9 or 0) so that way it doesn't clash with the extension range, this is also part of the setup wizard as well

So when you get the UC make sure you reset it to factory defaults and configure it from scratch, use the CCA Telephony wizard to set the system up, it will assist you with about 80% of the configuration and the remaining 20% is tweaking it. I would suggest that you maybe consider for the receptionist the SPA-525G2 with the SPA-500S side cart which will give here extra buttons for both speed dial monitoring and park slots (Plenty there to burn) however if they do have a little money to burn then 100% a 7945 with the 7916 extension cart.

I have a prefence for the 7900 series as I still question the quality of the SPA series phones, so if you can stick to them then you are in perfect form


David Trad.

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