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Vendor Out of Business, Client has no passwords

First, thanks in advance if you have anything to contribute.

Our firm was contacted recently by a company that has the UC320W system and they need some configuration changes.  Unfortunately, vendor that set up the system is no longer in business and the client does not have any passwords or config backups.

We have checked to be certain and the default credentials cisco/cisco do not work.

I am hoping there is a way to do password recovery, much like the was we recover passwords on routers, switches, firewalls.

Everything I can find talks about doing a factory reset but that is not an option.

Thanks, again!

Yasien Adams

Hi, have you tried the break sequence yet?

I need to do this same thing this week, so I havent tried it yet, but I am pretty sure it will work.

We will be scheduling some time to take their system down & try via console.  I will let you know how that turns out. 

Hi Stephen,

Please contact the Small Business Support Center at the phone number listed (Please pick the appropriate phone number in your region) in the link attached. One of our Engineers should be able to assist you to recover the password.

Best regards,



MDUBE, not sure why Cisco gave you the runaround.

You can use the following method to recover password.

NOTE** Before breaking into ROMMON, make note of the config register, though its probably 0x2102

1/     Power down the UC

2/     Eject flash card

3/     Power up UC, it will start into ROMMON

4/     at ROMMON1 enter confreg 0x2142 (remember to reinsert the flash card)

5/     type reset (UC will boot, ignoring config)

6/     press N for initial setup prompts

7/     at router prompt type enable

8/     copy startup-config running-config

now you are back in your normal config, so you can modify the accounts, and enable secret

also make sure you bring your interfaces back online, as it will be in shutdown mode.

once you have made all your changes

9/     type config-register 0x2102

10/     then write memory


Hi Yasien,

The UC320W is not IOS based so the steps you have provided will not work.  It is best to contact the SBSC for support. 




Hello all,

Had the same issue, contacted CIsco Small Business Support Center, and after being told that it indeed required a Level 2 support engineer, the guy just said, well it will be much easier to just reset the device and either restart from scratch or restore a backup after resetting the device. I then told the guy that the client didn't have any backups, and he said well then it's gonna take you 10 minutes to have it reset and reconfigured rather than have one of us recover the password...

Now, I know it is not taking long to configure a UC320W, but I find it rather annoying that I am being told something like, oh well you know, we are too lazy to do the job. Of course it won't take me hours to configure it back, but it still is going to annoy the client that they have to configure their voicemail again, loose their saved messages, and I'll probably have to adjust settings in a few days because they don't have everything written down as to how it was configured in the first place.

Maybe the recovery method shoud be simplified...

Hello M Dube,

thank you for your post and your suggestions.

Currently we are working on solution that can be implemented by a  Level 1 engineer.

If you need furhter help with the password recovery, please feel free to contact me directly.



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