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Vertical Service Announcement Codes whith asterisk

Vertical Service Announcement  Codes

It seems that it works when dialing the star codes, the Service Annc Base Number followed with the Service Annc Extension Codes is dialed instead of the star codes, so asterisk will understand te feature but when using the softkeys, nothing is dialed in direction of asterisk. Is this a bug or by design ?

Steven Smith
Rising star

What type of phones are you using this with?

I'm using the SPA962 serie with lastest sofware available spa962-6-1-3a.bin.  The goal is to annonce service as DND or CALL FORWARD to the Asterisk server instead of implementing these services locally on the phone.

Hi Philippe

i'm afraid that the behavior you describe below is the one the phone has been designed for, I have filed a feature request to be able to trigger the vertical announcement codes thru the softkeys as well, please stay tuned to future firmware releases!




Is the spa9xx series end of life in fimware development. When a new firmware will be available for thie serie ?

Hi, Just wondering if there had been any developments in this?

I am using spa502g and have created a dnd on and dnd off softkey to dial the appropriate numbers to the SIP server. BUT it would be really nice if I could tie this in with the inbuilt phone dnd - unless there is a way to code the dnd on and off buttons into some sort of toggle guessing probably not.