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Voicemail Box issue

UC520.  Have an end user that cannot get into his voicemail either through his phone or remotely.  He keeps getting the a message stating "Extension in use" no one else in company is having this issue.  I did check to make sure that his voicemail button on his phone is dialing the voicemail extension, which it is.  I don't want to delette and rebuild because he has messages in his box.  Not to mention it being the owner of the company.  Any thoughts.

Keith Grant


Did this ever get resolved?

Please let us know.

No it did not Steve.  The only thing I could do was completely remove the phone and voicemail from CCA.  After I did that I had another user do the same thing the next day.  Again, I could only remove the phone and voicemail from CCA.  Looks like another bug that needs to be looked at.

What SWP are you running?

I just checked and it is 8.0.4

Some other things I have noticed is that after I recreated these two users.  When they went to setup their voicemails again they only had like 10 sec. of record time to do their greetings.  One user tried the following day and was able to re-record with longer allowed time.

We just updated to 8.0.4 a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe there are some CUE bugs in this software pack.

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