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Voicemail Box on Analog Phone

I have done some searching in the forum but could not find anything.

We have two folks in our warehouse that use analog phones on UC520 and I need to give them voicemail boxes.  I cannot see in CCA were it will allow me to create a voicemail box I only see the voicemail box opion under user extensions.  Can this even be done?


Yes, you have to set the FXS port as USER MODE PHONE. (it will consume a SCCP license this way, but fear not, we give you 4 extra for this).

Default may be Common Area Phone, which is not a featured setting.

CCA has this in Configuration Drawer.

Steve,  Thank you you are gentleman and a wizard.  Another one for me to add to my tool belt.

So I got it straight I believe.  Now when I dial that extension or DID it goes to vmail instantly.  I got the foward FNA set to 20 Sec. to vmail DN I am assuming it may because the voicemail box is not not setup yet?  Once mailbox is setup it will follow the CFA rule?

Actually, dialing that extension before assigning a user should just ring the extension. The voicemail is created when you assign a user in CCA to this new "phone".


Ahh ... Once it becomes a user mode phone, you need to go into voice menu and configure it, and you need to initialize the voicemail with a pw and recorded name from the phone itself.  Not sure why it woul behave like you mentioned, but try this.

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