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voicemail email not always being sent

We have a customer that is saying they are not receiving all of their voicemails in emails.  At first, I thought it could be spam blocking or some other 3rd party dropping the message.

However, looking at the syslog, and seach for SMTP, we can see that even though a voicemail has been left, sometimes there is no SMTP transaction.  There are some, but it's not a 1 to 1 matching of voicemail to email.  We don't have any other customer deployments reporting this, so I'm at a loss to understand what's going on with this configuration.

Anyone seen this before?

Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor

Hi Endaf,

To help better define the problem, are they seeing this for a particular voicemail box where they only get some of the voicemail messages or is the problem that some users get them while others do not?

Is the target of the voicemail e-mail a single e-mail address or a list of email addresses?

Have they checked on the e-mail provider's server.  Often times 'sent' mail is archived in a 'Sent' folder on the e-mail server.

The UC320W sends on a best effort basis.  If there were any errors, you should see the sendmail logs in the log utility.


Hey Chris

I have seen this as well on my UC320.  In my case it is just the main line VM box.  I have a felling it does this when another call comes in while either the VM processing is still working on another VM or while there is two at the same time.  Not sure yet.  Can the VM processor handle more then one VM at a time to send out?



Hi Eric,

After the user disconnects from the voicemail system it kicks off background processing of the audio file to transcode to a CODEC for the WAV file attachment.   I know we support at least 4 simultaneous VM deposits at a time.  We only transcode one VM at a time, but because it is a background task we can simply queue up the work and process in order.


yeah I havent really tested it myself it was more of a hunch since it was the main line VM.  I do know that some VM's never get processed as an email from time to time.  Not sure why however.  Just wanted to let you kow that Endaf was not the only one.

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