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Voicemail- greet and disconnect?

Is there a way to create a voicemail box that has a greeting with a zero out option, but does not allow a caller to leave a voicemail?

Could I set the voicemail box capacity really really low so no one can leave a message?

I don't want to set a simple Auto Attendant up because they want the ability to update the message remotely, quickly, and easily. Recording a greeting and VPNing etc is NOT the client's definition of quick and easy.



Steven Smith
Rising star

You could use the prompt mgmt script to change the prompts. 

Unless I am mistaken, your answer of using prompt management implies building an auto attendant, right?  I'm not familiar with how users can access prompt management remotely other than VPN to - which they do not want to do.

This mailbox is a simply snow hotline for employees. It needs to be changed on the fly with updated messages on weather and what employees should do....

anything with prompts managemnt relates to auto attendants and utilizing the network rather than just calling in from a cell or home phone and managing a voicemail box's greeting...

maybe I'm not familiar with what you can do with prompt mgmt now?

Hi Stacy,

Zero Out is also possible from System Administrator or phone user (program on the phone itself):

You can use telephone access to AA to adjust its prompts, as long as you defined the user as authorized to do so in CCA.  Then that user can remote access to voicemail (from outside by calling into A DID you assign for this.  When it says 'enter your mailbox' you enter the AA extension and PW.


I understand how to set a user's mailbox zero out...but I do not know how to create a mailbox that only plays a greeting and does not allow callers to leave a message.  and judging by the responses, I'm thinking there is NOT a way to make a mailbox "greet and disconnect" callers.   If I want this option I'd be forced to build an auto attendant with prompts and a zero out option. That i can do, but it defeats my other goal of simple, on the fly, changing of the greeting remotely via telephone.

Can you give me more info on using remote telephone access to adjust AA prompts?

So if we set this up in CCA- what choices do I need to be sure to pick? I am assuming we give a call in voicemail access PSTN number, and then make the suer a member of the prompt mgmt rights group? Does this give the user the ability to re-record and add the new prompts via remote telephone access ?  or can they onyl adjust pre-recorded prompts?



Hi Stacy,

Alternate Greeting, new Prompt, and edit existing prompt all accessible remotely as follows:

Dial into the AA and select dial by number.  Enter the number you assigned to prompt management (ie. 450)

When asked for ID, enter the extension of one of the phones assigned as prompt administrator.

Enter that phones Password (number)

You will enter prompt management.

Assigning a DID to remote access to voice mail is only for access to voice mail boxes (personal and GDM).

Hope that clarifies.


I will try building something for this new client so that this works!

But bummer for our existing UC's... 

This scenario doesn't really work for our previous installs for a few reasons:

1) we configure all of our AA's using the CUE editor and using a script scenario that only allows dial by extension for certain digits and our AVT starts with a 5 always  ( ex: extensions are 1XX and we always build AVT to be 555)

2) Some customers don't even use a DBX option in their AA

On this account I will build this customer's AA to be very simple with a menu option that routes to the AVT extension. I won't announce that option in the prompt/greeting.  The rest of the AA will have an announced zero out option, and will repeat the prompt/greeting a few times.  This should allow them to access the AVT remotely by calling the AA- and other callers will simply hear a message about rhe snow storm and can press zero for the Main line.

That should work don't you think? It doesn't HAVE to be a DBX that routes the user to avt correct ? I can make it a hidden option I assume...


I have tried administration via telephone thru an auto attendant option and it works great.  I enter my id and password, but from there I do not understand my options to load the new recording to the day, night, and holiday greetings... sounds like my ONLY real option is to record an alternate greeting and make it active correct?  Except we do not build out AA scripts in CUE. We use the CUE editor to allow for many more options. AND we always buidl 2 AA's - one to use in normla hours, one to take effect during night mode. (The idea is that a customer may want to put the system in night service early and we use call forward night service on a dummy ephone-dn to re route direct to a night aa only.)   With these fatcors in mind, I do not feel like the AVT will work for our complex needs- would you agree?  I woudl need it to allow me to re-record a prompt, and then load that prompt acorss mulitple AA"s and in different prompt fields...


Yes this helps answer my question. No I cannot change the script to reflect the new prompts via telephone:

>> Note: Remember that the GMS can only add new prompt files or delete files that already exist. If the newly created prompt is to be used in a script, the prompt must be either renamed to match the prompt in the script, or the script must be changed to refer to this new prompt.

>> When a new prompt is recorded using the GMS, a file is created in the form UserPrompt_DateTime.wav, such as UserPrompt_06172004102117.wav (06/17/2004 10:21:17). These files cannot be renamed from the GMS, but rather must be downloaded and uploaded again with a new filename using the GUI or CLI (as shown earlier). If you want to use a newly-created file in a script, it must be assigned using the GUI or CLI, as this is also not possible from the GMS. Remember that the GMS can only add new prompt files or delete existing ones. If the newly-created prompt is to be used in a script, then it must be either renamed to match the prompt in the script, or the script must be changed to point to this new prompt.

But, in the future I can use the Emergency Alternate Greeting if that meets my needs: ( in this case it does not)

>> Emergency Alternate Greeting

A special portion of the GMS, the Emergency Alternate Greeting (EAG), allows the Cisco Unity Express administrator to record an alternate AA greeting to be used in case of an emergency or other short-term event, such as a holiday or snow day.

>> The EAG is based on the existence of the AltGreeting.wav file. The AA included with Cisco Unity Express checks for the existence of this file. If the file exists among the Cisco Unity Express prompts, then EAG is enabled. If it does not exist, then the EAG is disabled. By deleting this file from the prompt repository, the EAG is deactivated. In other words, if a file is uploaded and is named AltGreeting.wav, the EAG is enabled.

Note: The alternate AA greeting never replaces the existing AA greeting; it is simply played before the regular greeting is played.

In a custom Cisco Unity Express AA script, a call to the checkaltgreet.aef subflow checks for the AltGreeting.wav file and plays the file if present.

Marcos- those links/docs were very very helpful to answering my specific question regarding this particular setup and need! Thank you !