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Voicemail Headaches - New Messages You Can't Listen To

We installed a UC560 that has been nothing but problems with the voicemail system.

Here is an example of what happens.   A user gets a voicemail indicator light.  They log into the voicemail system and get this message -

You have 2 new messages.  To play new messages press 1.  New messages…End of new messages.  You still have 2 new messages press 1 play new messages.

You can never retrieve the messages.

The only way I can fix it is to reload the voicemail system through the command line.  This happens once a week to random users.

Originally, when I did the install, I put on software pack 8.0.5.  They got the patch.  Last week I put on 8.1.  They are still having the same problems.

Has anyone seen this before?

I opened a case with SBSC but they had no ideas.  They want to setup a trace to capture what happens when the error pops up.


Have seen this issue once in past and a MWI refresh fixed the issue.


A CUE reload fixes it for a week or two but they need a permanent solution.  It has to be some programming or a new box is needed.


Has anyone found a solution to this, We are experiencing the same issue.

I made a discovery on this system.  I installed another site and it has the same problem.  The one thing both sites have in common is IMAP mailboxes set up on a separate data network from the UC500 data network.  At the new site, I removed the remote mailboxes and it seems the problem has gone away.  This is a problem because the remote voicemail access is one of the main reasons they bought the system.

csco10634145 - Is this how yours is set up?

We use IMAP to deliver voicemail to our Outlook clients. but we are a single sight using a 520. The "phone network UC520/CUE and phones are on a 10.1.10.x (VLAN 1 voice)network. Our computers are on a 192.168.2.x (VLAN 100 Data) network. The IMAP server is the UC520 and outlook points to the which is the CUE address. The UC520 connects the VLANs and routes the traffic between the two IP ranges.  So are you saying that if I remove the IMAP connection from my email clients to the UC520/CUE the issue goes away?  we recently implemented fax to the desktop via the same IMAP mailboxes. I wonder if this is related as well.


So here is what we see and have reproduced the issue we both have.

if I have an email client (outlook) setup to check voicemail then when the voicemail is synced to outlook and you listen to it or delete it is marked for deletion or shows it has been deleted but the UC 520 CUE does not show the message as being deleted or listened to. but now when you listen to your voice mow your phone you get into the new voice mail loop because the voice mail has been deleted or listened already to the UC520 has deleted the message or marked it as listened to but its not updated via the CUE so the voice is shown as there when presented to the phone but when the message it played it is not there i.e you are now in the new message voice loop.  the work around I suspect would work is to not listen to you messages via outlook and just use you phone.


has anybody else had this issue, I spent several hours with support and they did not understand the issue, I ended up making a video to demonstrate what the error is but still no solution. 

video of the error.

Watched your Video... weird..  What version of Outlook are you using?  Maybe it is a Outlook issue issuing the delete command to iMap.. and not uc500?  Did you try with a different version of Outlook? 

This is strictly an imap issue on the uc500, first the issue did not occure until we updated to software pack 8.01 , also yes we have been able to reproduce the issue with office 2003, office 2007, office 2010 32/64 bit as well as office 2011 on a Mac and Mail on a Mac. The size of the vice mail box does not matter and if the mailbox is deleted and recreated it does not occur.

I was planning on calling support myself but now that sounds like a big waste of time.

This is a major issue for our customers.  IMAP voicemail is one of the major selling features of the system but I don't feel confident that I can get it to work anywhere.

I have had a case opened with Cisco Tach support since September of 2010, I had to ask them to escalate the case up the tech chain last week because I was not getting anywhere with the current support. Once they moved me up the chain I had to spend several hours on the phone with them just trying to get them to understand. I ended up making that a video with my phone in the post above to get them to understand the issue. Prior to the video the tech person insisted the way it was working was by design and that I had no problem.

The work around we have in place is this

don't use IMAP.

Ryan Hardy

I dont ever use IMAP, it is a pain in that you have to go to every users PC to add the second email account, and requires that PC to have IP connection to the CUE, so users who go home need to VPN and users with more then 1 laptop need to set it up on multiple devices.  If a user has a smartphone, you would need to setup an IMAP account on that phone as well and open up ports on the firewall.

Or, you can just use SMTP and forward the messages to their email inbox.  All your messages will then be in one Inbox and if they get messages on their smartphone, they will get voicemails their too.  If a user changes PC's, you dont need to rebuild the IMAP account.

So if you have still having major issues with IMAP, just use SMTP untill TAC figures out what the problem is, and maybe your customer will decide they like SMTP better.

IMAP is a better solution than POP for us that user can get voicemail seamlessly on there phone and email client and when they listen to it either on there phone or email client then they have dealt with the message and it is updated on both phone and mailbox. The solution you suggest while it has it merits fails as a good solution for us. The problem is that if you are a user who gets lots of voice mail then you have to listen to the messages on your phone then deal with those same message on your pc’s and that creates confusion.


Has anyone found a way to resolve this issue? We are still having this problem and very similar ones. Its been almost a year now and still Cisco has no clue. They have repeatedly closed our cases with no resolution. We do not have a SINGLE WORKING IMAP INSTALLATION.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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