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Voicemail may not be working normally and loading voice related data - UC560

We´re using an UC560 to networking data and voip, this one has a problem with CUE, 
I log it for CCA (Cisco Configuration Assistant)

When I am using CCA and trying to navigate and access to the  configure/telephony/user or telephone   shows two problems, the first one shows me the next message: "loading voice related data" and the bar never load, thereforce I can't add users and telephones.

in the other hand, a few times is showed another message after the last one, it says: "Voicemail may not be working normally....." I am recommended that go to the  troubleshoot/CUE diagnostic/CUE Connectivity Diagnostic and then turns up the next message: "Troubleshooting task failed- This could happen if another dialog is configuring Voicemail."

I've been working on this problem and I can't solve it, I tried to reset from CLI and doesn't work. 


Cisco Employee

Hello,It sounds like you have


It sounds like you have hit a bug that was specific to the UC560 CUE. If your CUE version is anything lower than 8.6.5, then you will need to upgrade it. It is possible you may be past the point of no return and you will need to factory reset and upgrade it. You should be running the latest UC560 software pack 8.6.2 which includes CUE version 8.6.5 in it.

The issue with CCA could be related to a few things. If you are running CCA 3.2.3 and connecting to the UC with an old software pack then it will have trouble loading. You could try an older version of CCA such as 3.0 or 3.1.

If you are using a different default-gateway other than the UC, do you have routes to the CUE module

Also Windows firewall and other firewall antivirus software can bring CCA to a crawl.

Let me know if this helps.