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Voicemail Notifications


I am struggling to enable voicemail to email notifications. I have enabled relay on Exchange 2007 and have configured the SMTP settings on the UC540. I have also put the user credentials for SMTP authentication. However, when a voicemail is left for a user no email appears. The user concerned is enabled to receive notifications and their correct address is present.

When I try to trace the issue, I receive connection refused (shown below). Has anyone had this issue before? Am I missed anything to enable voicemail to email?

21CUC540#service-module integrated-Service-Engine 0/0 session

Trying, 2002 ...

% Connection refused by remote host


(The UC540 is not being used as a router so I have added a static route to allow it to access the internet etc. This is confirmed with ping. The box can also ping the server. Not using it as a router wouldn't cause this problem would it?)

Also worth mentioning, I am not seeing any attempts for the UC540 to connect to the exchange server in netstat or event logs. I have confirmed the smtp details are correct and that relay is appropriately configured which makes me suspect it is related to the above connection issue. If I go to I am able to login through the portal.


Voicemail Notifications

Hello Stuart,

The "connection refused by remote host" is most likely because another connection already exists.  You are only allowed to have one connection at a time..  (Is CCA open?)  You can clear the connections with this command:  "service-module integrated-Service-Engine 0/0 session clear".

Once you are in the CUE CLI, you can run the following to see what is going on with the email notification:

clear trace

trace voicemail msgnotif all

trace entitymanager NotifDevice all

trace smtp all

show trace buffer tail

Thank you,



Voicemail Notifications

thanks  Darren 


Voicemail Notifications

I would guess this is a routing issue -- I've seen this before. You need to make sure your exchange server can route to (Gateway should be the UC540's LAN address). On the other hand you say you are able to connect to so maybe thats not the issue, but a good thing to check anyway. Good luck.


Voicemail Notifications

Daniel I agree. pinging from the server to confirm, if it fails add a route via command prompt:

route -p add mask UC_Data_IP_Address metric 1

Then ping again.


Voicemail Notifications

Thanks everyone for sharing your input. I have resolved the issue by manually adding a static route as suggested. However, instead of adding this to the Exchange server, I added it to the router. It is now working brilliantly.

Thanks again.