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voicemail to french : how to ?



I'm using the lastest software : CCA 2.2 with an upgrade to UC520-8.0.0

But the voicemail language is US

I have the file cue-vm-fr_FR-langpack.uc500.7.1.3.prt1

when trying to upgrade the cue, i don't have the .PKG to use with

my question is : how to find the procedure to do that ?



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Andrew Hickman
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Pascal,

Please take a look at the procedure detailed at the following link (this is a help file in CCA, so use this link on a PC that has CCA installed).


Copied here for your convenience (this from CCA 2.2(1))

Localize the voice mail system.
In this step, you install CUE (Cisco Unity Express) with the new language.

  1. Using WinZip or similar software, extract the file from the UC 500 software pack (
  2. Using WinZip or similar software, extract all the contents of file into any folder on the PC with Configuration Assistant.
  3. Copy the CUE localization file (cue-vm-xx_xx-langpack.ise.y.y.y.prt1) that you downloaded to the following folder, assuming Configuration Assistant is installed in the default location: C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\CiscoSMB\Cisco Configuration Assistant\appdata\phoneloads
  4. Launch CCA and connect to the UC 500.
  5. From the feature bar, select Maintenance > Software Upgrade.
  6. Select the UC 500 from the list, then click Upgrade Settings.
  7. Check the CUE Only radio button so that only CUE is upgraded.
  8. Click Browse and navigate to the phoneloads directory that now holds the CUE firmware.
  9. Select the cm-vm.ise.x.x.x.pkg file. If you select any other package, the process fails.
  10. Select the desired language from the Language drop-down menu in the Upgrade Settings window.
  11. Click Upgrade.
  12. CUE localization can take up to 45 minutes or so to complete, but does not require further input.

This process is slightly different to what you would use when localising using the Voice Setup Wizard - in that case the Wizard includes comprehensive instructions.

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